Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Impressions are Everything (Cover Only Edition) ~ Salvage, Demons at Deadnight, and Cruel Beauty

Here's what First Impressions is (normally):

Every Monday, I'm going to choose three books to quote either the first sentence or the first paragraph from. Then, I'm going to write about my first impressions based on those first words.The books I will post about will be a random one on my to-read list, one that I intend to read soon, and one that I have read.

I'm doing something different week, though.

Instead of doing first sentences, I'm just going to pick three covers and tell you what my impression is on what the book is about. All three are going to be ones I've never read the descriptions of, too, so my first impressions are based solely on the cover.

I'm also posting this early, but not too early. It's still for tomorrow, but I'm posting it tonight because I have a few others I need to post for Monday. 

Salvage by Alexandra Duncan (not published yet)

First Impression and predictions? 

-Looks like a science fiction/dystopian book.
-It seems like there are aliens, and the main character (the girl) is one of them.
-It says "Her fall is only the beginning" on the cover. I wonder if that means she will be the catalyst to the end of the world, or something world changing.
-It's a very eye-catching cover.
-I feel like something or someone is going to be in grave danger, so it will need to be salvaged, hence the title.
-The main character probably has brown hair.

Demons at Deadnight by A & E Kirk (already published)

First Impressions and predictions?

-Well, obviously there are demons in the book.
-I wonder if this book is set in a different world, like Incarnate by Jodi Meadows was. The cover makes me think it may be.
-The main character probably has red hair. I have a feeling like she is aware that there are demons. She's probably part of the supernatural world herself.
-Am I the only one who sees this cover and thinks that it might have a comical side? Each time I look at this, I think of that.
-Fire might be a component in the story.
-"Deadnight" must me a term used often in the book.

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge (not published yet)

First Impressions and predictions?

-There has to be a romance, and it must be central to the whole book.
-Sounds like forbidden love to me. She is probably an assassin, or maybe she's just destined to kill him.
-Maybe flowers have something to do with the story?
-It looks . . . sort of gothic. And mysterious.
-The neverending, winding staircase must mean something, but I'm drawing a blank what it would be at the moment.
-The main character has brown hair.
-It reminds me a little of Sweet Evil, in the terms of titles. There's going to be someone or someone really beautiful, but they'll have act cruel towards another.

That's it for this week's First Impressions! What do you think of these covers?

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