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Interview ~ S.B. Roozenboom (author of Markings)

I conducted an interview with S.B. Roozenboom through a Goodreads group I help moderate,  YA Bookaholics. This interview is also posted on that group. 

Before I give you the questions and answers, I will introduce the author and her books. 

I was born to the great northwest, where I grew up submerged in fairytales and make-believe. As a teen, when some serious drama went down and I felt like the world had turned on me, I turned to writing to create my own worlds. At seventeen, I completed my first young adult paranormal novel, and by twenty-one I've completed five. You can write me at Diane.boom@yahoo.com.

Check out her website: http://theofficialsbboom.yolasite.com/

Her Books:

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Goodreads description:

Celina Bayberry never thought a part-time job could change her life, until she meets the hot and untouchable Aaron Jamison. Strangely enough, she can’t shake the feeling that he’s stalking her. And when a yellow-eyed stranger takes interest in her too, Celina discovers a dangerous secret: Her co-workers are Miew Demos–creatures linked to Bastet, the feline goddess of Egypt and members of a clan called Miews, shifters who can transform from human to feline in an instant.

They, and she, are being hunted by a wolf clan, the Iew Keftey, who will not rest until every last one of the Miews is annihilated. Celina’s life unravels as she is thrust into this age-old battle of brother against brother. Meanwhile, she’s losing her heart to Aaron who may or may not have lost his to her. And her own Bayberry family history is hiding something… something that will forever link her destiny with that of the Miews.

Celina and the clan need each other, but is either strong enough to face what is to come?

Predator Girl
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Goodreads description:

Born in the deep forests of the Northwest, Ilume is a girl of the woods. And of the night. Ilume might be young, she might be recovering from a broken heart, but above all she’s a leader. Her pack has always come first. Until, on a rare visit to human civilization, she meets Jared.

Strange and unusual beasts that few people are aware of roam our world. Jared Ferlyn is a Finder, born with the gift for detecting and tracking paranormal beings. Tagging Otherworlders for the government, he’s had his share of keeping fey, nightlings and other creatures from human sight. But when a strange new girl comes to town, Jared is unable to classify her despite his training and experience.

While tracking the mysterious newcomer, Jared is pulled far into Ilume’s territory, a dangerous environment that not even a Finder is prepared for.

Ilume and Jared–born into different worlds, one the predator the other the prey– and neither is prepared for what happens when the sparks fly between them.

A Taste of Silver
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Goodreads description:

Rose Ridgewood can't stand her father's new employee. It isn't just Hayden O'Conner's attitude and criminal record that bothers her-it's his odd, silver eyes and the fact that she can't read him. It isn't until she becomes a victim in a deadly game of chase that secrets are uncovered that alter not only her views of Hayden, but of modern humanity. As Rose learns what Hayden really is, her emotions take her closer to him...and closer to danger. When lives are threatened she'll have to decide whether to stay safe at home in California, or follow what might be true love into the unknown.

Now that you know about the author and her books, lets move on to the best part . . . 

The Q's and A's with S.B.:

Q: First of all, why do you love to write?

I have always loved to write! When I was a little girl I often got stuck at my parents’ business, so I had to learn how to entertain myself for hours at a time. I played videogames, I did arts and crafts, but most of all I wrote little stories and drew pictures for them.

Writing became an absolute must for me when I was in high school. My first relationship came when I was sixteen and when you’re a youngster with all these romantic dreams of what a relationship is supposed to be and you realize—surprise!—it is just not like that at sixteen, it can be sort of traumatizing. Especially when the guy you choose is far, FAR from Prince Charming. Writing became my way of dealing with all the aftermath—my feelings, my thoughts, and my deepest dreams were weaved into my writing. At seventeen, I had sat down and wrote my first book.

Q: Which is you favorite genre to write in and why?

Certainly young adult, because I think teenhood is where we all come to our first massive crossroad. We are no longer children, but we are not adults yet either, and we must choose what kind of path we want to venture on. I love to write about these crossroads plus add in a hair of magic and mystery to give it some extra pizazz!

Q: I've read that the first book you'd written (but not published) was Markings. What initially inspired you to start writing it?

I’m trying to remember exactly what sparked it, but it’s been so long I can only remember pieces. I know that reading the Twilight and Hush Hush saga definitely inspired me to a write a good paranormal romance, but I know I was also inspired by the movies Catwoman and Blood and Chocolate. Shape-shifters have always been a passion of mine to write about and study (that’s probably thanks to my Native American blood). Originally Markings was going to be a werewolf novel, but after seeing them flock the market I was like ‘Nope. Gotta take this up a notch if I’m going to make it.’ And Markings became about a clan of Shifters called the Miews instead, though there is going to be more about the Iew Demos in the second novel.

Q: Out of all the books you've published, is there one in particular that you like the best or are the most proud of?

Certainly Markings. It might not be as well-written as Predator Girl, but it was the one that I poured my soul into, my first baby. This book taught me that in our darkest, most painful moments there is a light to be found at the end of every tunnel. I had never been in a situation where I said “I can make this happen against all odds”. I didn't have that kind of confidence—I figured life would walk me down a basic, quiet road where I’d meet a basic, quiet man and hold a basic, quiet job… Instead life walked me down a fairly bump road. My current man is not basic or quiet—he’s weird as hell (like me) and as good looking as Edward Cullen in my book. And while I hold a basic job, my soul’s passion became books, which started with Markings. This book made me realize we are ALL capable of incredible things, and that we should not expect such simpleness out of life. We can always be more and do more and make more if we so choose.

Q: Which author has been your biggest inspiration?

I know people are going to roll their eyes at this one, but certainly Stephenie Meyer. While I've always loved to write, getting me to sit down and actually read a whole book or series was nearly impossible before Twilight. I think I have school to thank for that because, good Lord, the stuff they gave us to read was SO boring! Half the time I cheated and just looked up the summaries on the internet before book test day because I just could not stomach the boring, big-worded books they gave us… I was seventeen when I read Twilight, and it was brilliant to me. I totally related with Bella. The story was easy to read and I understood what was happening beginning to end. The suspense was AWESOME and of course everybody was glued to any scene that had Edward Cullen in it.

Now, for a totally non-writing question:

Q: You and I are from the same state! What is your favorite thing about living in Oregon?

OMG! No way! That is awesome! Hmmm, let’s see… I think I just love the terrain. I love the deep, green forests and the rivers. I most of all love the ocean and I journey to see it as often as possible. I also love eastern Oregon, because we go from lush, damp woodlands to the dry pine deserts. I hate the cities and traffic and I’m not fond of some of the people, but the place itself is my most-beloved home.

Thank you for answering my questions!

I have a few responses:

  • I've never been to the eastern part of Oregon. I live in the southern part, and I've got to agree with the author because the terrain is beautiful. I often times forget that since I've lived here my whole life, but I am happy that I get to live in such a pretty area. 
  • As much as most people hate to admit it, Twilight had a huge impact. Not only did it inspire this author, but it also got me interested in YA books. It did that for a lot of people. 
  • I'm so glad that S.B. decided to not make Markings about werewolves. It looks like the shifters in that book are mostly big cats--which is awesome because I love them! One of the characters is actually a cheetah, and I don't believe I've read a book with one of those kinds of shifters in it. 
  • I can clearly tell that this author is passionate about writing, and I just love hearing why someone is so passionate about what they do. 
  • I just love those book covers. 

That's it for today's interview! Come back tomorrow to check out my interview with Amber Turner!


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  2. Great interview! :-) These titles remind me a little of Christine Feehan's works so I think I'd enjoy them!


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