Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review ~ Betting on Fate by Joy Casey and Wendy Gray

*Genre: YA contemporary romance
Series and number: standalone
Number of pages: 338 (for a paperback)
Edition: ebook
Published: Published February 5th 2013 by Amazon
Link to Goodreads page

Goodreads description:

Best friends make bets all the time. But when the stakes involve taking your neighbor’s virginity, it’s never a good idea. Especially when he turns out to be your soul mate.

Charlotte Bowman thought all teenage boys were alike. She had been warned all her life that they were only interested in one thing. Then along came Ryan Taylor, her long lost neighbor. After a terrible car accident claimed his father’s life and seriously injured his mother, Ryan was forced to leave the prestigious Abbott Hall Academy in London and return home to South Carolina. His only intentions were to help his mother with her rehabilitation and take care of his out-of-control younger brother.

Though Charlotte hadn't talked to Ryan at all during the last six years, and had scarcely spoken with him since he returned home, she couldn't deny that there was a little chemistry there. On a whim she made a bet with her best friend, Olivia, that she could have sex with Ryan even though it was rumored that he was saving himself for marriage. Being a virgin herself, Charlotte quickly discovered she lacked the finesse needed to seal the deal. She ultimately finds herself stuck in a high stakes poker game where she’s about to lose much more than a bet.

My review:

Rating: 2 stars
Date read: June 14-15, 2013
Source: ebook gifted to me by author because I showed interest in it

I really, really wanted to love this book. Almost everybody else that has read it really liked it, and I figured that I would also. I did like this book a little bit, but I didn't work with me enough for me to give it higher than a two star rating.

I’ll tell you what I did like. I liked the idea and the underlying messages in it. It included a teenage male character that was saving himself for marriage, and I loved that because it goes against that stereotype against men that says, well, that they don’t wait until marriage to have sex. I really appreciate the author making Ryan like that. I also really liked how that particular focus was on guys, and not girls like it usually is.

However much I liked the idea, though, I couldn't bring myself to like much more than that. Every book will have at least a few people that don’t connect with it, and that appears to be me for this one. I just couldn't become very invested in what was happening. Maybe it was because Ryan seemed way too perfect—and therefore, a little fake—or maybe because the events and people seemed a bit vaguely described. Maybe it was how underdeveloped it felt to me. Whatever the reason, Betting on Fate didn't leave much of an impression on me.

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