Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Lovin' Readathon - Day One: “Class Orientation”

Want to know more about the readathon so you can join? Go here.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by on this introductory post for the readathon! I'm pretty excited for this--it's my first time doing something like this on my blog and I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this. I'm going to love participating with everyone else in this.

An introduction . . . 

I'm so bad at introductions. I never know what to say. Well . . . I'll give you the basics. My name is Kaitlin, and I am a seventeen year old YA bookaholic and newbie blogger. Most of the books I read are part of the YA genre, but I do occasionally read middle grade, New Adult, and adult books (most of those are classics or modern classics).

Since I want to have a little fun on this post, and I also want to tell you about myself, I'll give you eight (my favorite number) books that are on my favorites list. They can tell you more about the type of books I like to read than I can.

Some of my favorites 
(from left to right):
  • Series
  • Book with serious topic
  • Weird book
  • 2012 read
  • Classic
  • School read
  • Book I read when I was younger
  • Historical fiction

My Goal for the Readathon 

I'm participating in a challenge on Goodreads where a partner chose ten books for me to read, and in what order to read them, based off of a twenty book shelf I created. That challenge runs for two weeks (July 1-14), so my goal here is to finish the first four then start the fifth of those ten books by the end of July 7th.

I'll be reading the below books in order from left to right.

I'm also planning on reading another book for a buddy read on the same Goodreads group. I hope to finish the entire thing by the end of the readathon (or at least half way).

<<<<<--------- That book is over to the left.

I have . . . a ton of reading to do. I hope I can come as close to finishing my reading goal as I can. 

I wish everyone else in the Summer Readathon luck on their goals! Feel free to leave a link to your own introduction post so I can come say hi and check out your goals. 

But wait . . . I have a few Teaser Tidbits for the Challenge Post.

Here are two sentences from a random page on The Immortal Rules, which I am reading right now. Don't worry, it's not a spoiler. :)
"I lunged forward, sinking my teeth into the bag, tearing it from the air. Something flooded my mouth, cold and thick, cloying." (page 84)  
Ew. Bloody. I'm really liking the book, though. If it sounds like your type of book, then it will fit well in with your to-read list!


  1. Oh my, Scarlet! I so want to read that book because I really enjoyed Cinder. :) I'm a newbie blogger too, I started in April of this year. Horray, newbies! :D

    Happy reading! :)

    1. Hooray newbies! Next week will mark the first whole month I've been blogging. I've had such a great time with it. :)

  2. I really want to read all those books! Especially Unravel Me as I can't wait to see what happens!!!

    1. I can't wait either. Shatter Me was so good. I love the writing.

  3. Love the Immortal Rules and was fangirling over The Eternity Cure this year. JK is a wonderful author.
    Happy read-a-thon

  4. Good luck with your reading! You have a good selection of books.

  5. I've been reading the Immortal Rules for a week now. I don't know I haven't finished it yet, since it's interesting, but I just haven't :(

    It looks like you have a lot of great books to read! And the group challenge sounds really interesting as well. Goodreads is great, isn't it?

    Enjoy your reading!

  6. Great picks! Thanks so much for participating in Summer Lovin' and for coming by Love.Life.Read today. Happy reading this week!

    aka one of the Pink Lady this week :)

  7. Kaitlin I just finished The Immortal Rules not that long ago and received the Eternity Cure today, won it from a giveaway :D Your book list is absolutely fantastic, so many AWESOME books :D

    What Goodreads group is that?

    My Summer Lovin Intro post

    1. It's the YA Buddy Readers' Corner.

  8. Hi Kaitlin,

    Nice to meet you! I really enjoyed both the Immortal Rules and The Eternity Cure. I hope you enjoy Immortal Rules as much as I did!

    Tamara @ Shelf Addiction
    Summer Lovin Pink Lady


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