Monday, June 24, 2013

Upcoming . . . Four Days of Interviews and a Giveaway

Over the last few days, I was able to conduct four (actually five, but I already posted that already) author interviews. All of them were super amazing in getting their responses to me very quickly, and now I have four sets questions and answers are just waiting to be posted. Then I thought . . . since one of them is actually accompanying my first giveaway, I'll just post them all back-to-back in a four-day-long feature! 

This is sort of a celebration for me. I've just been having an awesome summer so far. I've been interviewing great authors, reading and reviewing books, connecting with other bloggers, conducting challenges on Goodreads, and doing a lot of other reading/blogging related things. I won an arc giveaway (which I'm really excited about getting in my mailbox), and I've been hanging out with my friends that are not part of my blogging/reading world. Also, just because the giveaway is happening on the same day, my brother is turning twenty-three years old on Friday.  So . . . I'll just say that the four upcoming interviews are my way of celebrating all the great things that have happened and that will be happening.

Each interview is a little different. I've got two interviews I've conducted through my Goodreads groups. There's one that will accompany a review. Then there's one that will be accompanying the giveaway (which will be an Amazon ebook of the book featured). 


Tuesday, June 25th - S.B. Roozenboom author of Markings (YA Bookaholics interview)

Wednesday, June 26th - Amber Turner, Author of Preppy Little Liars (!YA Heroines! Interview)

Thursday, June 27th - Travis Bughi, Author of the Beyond the Plains (Interview + Review)

Friday, June 28th - S.M. McEachern, Author of Sunset Rising (Interview + Giveaway)

Keep an eye out for these upcoming interviews!

Check out my first interview and review I did (that I've already posted) here. The interviews this week will be similar to the one I posted already. 

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