Monday, July 8, 2013

First Impressions are Everything (Cover Only Edition) ~ The Falconer, Forbidden, and The Ward

Here's what First Impressions ~ Covers Only Editions is:

It's similar to the regular edition where I base my impressions off of the first sentences or paragraphs from three different books. However, with this, I'm featuring three covers of books I don't know much about. The covers themselves may be familiar to me, but I'm not very familiar with the genres or descriptions of any of the three books. 

Here are the the covers I'm talking about this week:


First impressions and predictions?

-It looks like a historical fiction and steampunk novel.
-It seems that the heroine is someone raised in high society, but she secretly hunts fae. 
-The book probably has a lot of action in it. 
-Something probably goes wrong in the book that has to do with the heroine murdering someone. Or maybe she's only expected to kill someone, and she's struggling with whether or not to go through with it. 


First impressions and predictions?

-The cover is so simple, but it still says a lot.
-Maybe there's a forbidden love? 
-Whenever I see this cover, I just have a feeling that something very sad or something very bad will happen in the book.
-There seems to be a lot of danger from the looks of what the heart is made of.
-It's hard to predict the genre, but maybe it's contemporary? There are a lot of contemporary books with simple covers. 


First impressions and predictions?

-Well, I think it's safe to say it's a dystopia. It also looks like it has to do with the apocalypse. 
-It might take place in a big city, like New York.
-Was there a flood? Maybe that's what brought the apocalypse.
-There must be a strong heroine. She looks like she's a tough one too. 
-What is "The Ward?" Could it possibly be the heroine? Or could it refer to the dystopic world that was built?

Which one am I most interested in? 
I would like to read the second one the most. The first and third ones have too much going on for me to want to read them based on the cover alone. 

That's it for this week's First Impressions! What do you think of these covers?

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  1. Ooh this is a really cool idea! I like the third cover the most, because I'm really into the hype of dystopia atm. However, the second one looks really simple, going with a less is more look and I love the simplicity of it. Great post :D

    Tilly Currer @ Hardcore Heroines


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