Monday, July 22, 2013

First Impressions are Everything (Cover Only Edition) ~ The Other Life, Notes from Ghost Town, and BZRK

Here's what First Impressions ~ Covers Only Editions is:

It's similar to the regular edition where I base my impressions off of the first sentences or paragraphs from three different books. However, with this, I'm featuring three covers of books I don't know much about. The covers themselves may be familiar to me, but I'm not very familiar with the genres or descriptions of any of the three books.

Here are the the covers I'm talking about this week:


First impressions and predictions?

-It looks like there is some sort of prison or fence to keep people in/out
-The hands on the butterfly combined with the blood makes it look like a zombie book. Maybe that's what the fence is there for.
-The setting is either urban or near to an urban area (from the city in the background)
-"Danger isn't the only thing that makes your heart beat faster." Is that referring to a romance or something else? If there is romance, the couple probably knew eachother when they were kids (from the two small people in the butterfly wing).
-I wonder if the butterfly is a symbol for something.

First impressions and predictions?

-Whenever I see this cover, I get the impression that the heroine is slightly crazy. There's something about the position of the hands and the tilt of her head that makes gather that impression.
-It looks like a ghost story.
-I wonder if she's the ghost or whether she's being haunted by her first love.
-This book probably has some some sort of creepy factor involved.
-I wonder what the "notes" are, and whether or not if it means that actual notes will be involved. 

First impressions and predictions?

-It's definitely science fiction.
-What are those things? Aliens? It looks like an army.
-There will probably be a lot of violence in the book.
-It looks like they're in space.
-The protagonist is probably male because the cover has a very masculine feel. 
-What in the world is "BZRK?" What does it mean?

Which one am I most interested in? 

I'm the most curious about Notes From Ghost Town. I don't know if I want to read it as much as figure out if my first impression is correct.

That's it for this week's First Impressions! What do you think of these covers?


  1. All of the cover above are amazing :) The arts were really beautiful and I don't know xD They just look really cool :) Make me feel like I just wanna pick it up and read :P This post is really interesting :P

    Have a nice day

  2. I would never have thought all that just by looking at the cover of The Other Life! But now I'm really intrigued! I'm also guessing the butterfly has some significance in the story...

    All these covers are gorgeous, but BZRK's cover is probably the most intriguing for me! The position of the main character (like we're looking up at him) is really strange and instantly draws me to the cover.

    Great post! I'm now your 70th GFC follower! ;D

    - Rachel (Booktastic Reviews)


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