Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Post ~ Kimberley Patterson (author of The Three Month Plan)

Let's welcome the very first guest poster to this blog: Kimberley Patterson! She is the author of the young adult contemporary book called The Three Month Plan and she's here to talk about her writing.


During an interview, I was once asked if there are any similarities with characters or events in my books to my real life. In other words, do I come up with the inspiration for characters or stories from actual life experiences? And, do i have any common themes that run in my books?
The completely honest answer is - sometimes.
I think that any writer, whether they are a seasoned professional, or simply a writer who uses her journal to vent comes up with stories based on their life. The nice thing about fiction though, is that you can elaborate on these particular instances or individuals and have the outcome be however you want it to be. I often feel that writing is therapeutic, and I strongly believe that whether it is for fun, or for a career that its worth doing. Especially as a teenager. I still have all of my journals from when I was in middle school and high school. It's quite entertaining to break them out every now and then and read what I wrote. And even more entertaining to see how many different "signatures" I scribbled in the way back with different last names of whatever boy I was crushing on at that time.
In my first novel, Red Rock, I was seventeen when I started writing the book. At that time, I was heavily involved with horses, and found the inspiration very quickly for the story line. Several situations in the book were based on my actual life experiences. In looking back all of these years later, its funny to note that even the female leads physical description matched my own as a teenager.
In my second novel, The Three Month Plan, the story itself may have been based on actual experiences. There were definitely influences of real life inspiration for both male characters. And, I do really have an Uncle named Rick. I found it suiting that the one confidant the male lead, Brian, has in the book shares the same name as someone who is a personal inspiration to me. The main female lead, Kelly, has a beautiful dog named Shanti who is present throughout the entire book. She was modeled after my late wolf hybrid that I had for fourteen years.
As for common themes, both of my female leads struggle with their self image. They have never thought of themselves as beautiful, but once they transform through the story they become beautiful in their own right. I have a strong belief that we are all unique and beautiful , and sometimes we just have to experience certain trials to become stronger and realize this ourselves. There is nothing sexier than a strong, independent woman who stands up for herself. And once we ladies realize this, we can each have our own happy ending in real life.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from The Three Month Plan

"The only hands I wanted around her waist were mine. And tonight, when she came over to my place and we were finally alone, I would do just that. Turn her towards me, guide my hands gently to her waist, look her in the eyes and tell her the words I never thought I would ever say to anyone. That I love her.”

I can't tell you who says it though, because that would give too much away in the book. :)

To find out more information on Red Rock or The Three Month Plan, you can visit my blog at http://kimberleypatterson.wordpress.com or on Facebook.

Stay beautiful!

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