Monday, July 8, 2013

Once Upon a Read-a-thon Goals

Here is the fourth annual Once Upon a Read-a-Thon hosted by Lori at Pure Imagination, Angela & Loretta at Reading Angels and Candace at Candace's Book Blog. It will take place from Monday, July 8th, through Wednesday, July 10th. If you would like to sign up, go here

I came across this read-a-thon on twitter only a few hours before it started. I decided that hey, since I'm already going to reading a lot, I might as well take part in another read-a-thon (the first one I was a part of just ended). The books I intend to read are below. 

My Goal?
I have three books I want to finish by the end of Wednesday: 

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
A Million Suns by Beth Revis
Dear Cassie by Lisa Burstein

Hmm . . . two contemporaries and a science fiction. Interesting combination. I'm looking forward to all three of them. 

The Mini Challenge

I'm editing the challenge questions from Stephanie into this.

1. Which book you are most excited to read in the coming year? It can be already released or coming soon.

Okay, here goes my list *deep breath*: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen, Ink by Amanda Sun , The Sound of Letting Go by Stasia Ward Kehoe (I'm getting an ARC), Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead, Allegiant by Veronica Roth, Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Crash Into You by Katie McGarry, Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles . . . and I think there may be a few more. 

2. Which book would you re-read if you had the time and weren’t so busy reading ALL of the other good thing?

It's hard to pick one, so I'll just say most of the books by Sarah Dessen and Simone Elkeles (at least, when it comes to contemporary books that I just love to read over and over).

3. and lastly, If you could meet any fictional character who would it be and why?

I always find questions like these tough to answer. Hmmm. Probably Liesel from The Book Thief. I would love to hear her story from her point of view. 


  1. Good luck with your reading goals! I want to read The Edge of Never this month but it's funny you mention A Million Suns because I just picked up Shades of Earth from the library! :)
    Happy Reading!

  2. Oh I loved The Edge of Never! Shades of Earth was great too. Good luck!

  3. Good luck to you too :) Dear Cassie sounds interesting and the cover is lovely!

  4. Good luck with your reading goals!

  5. I really enjoyed The Edge Of Never & Dear Cassie looks really interesting.

    Christy @ Christy’s Book Addiction

  6. Good luck with the read-a-thon, I hope you accomplish all your goals.

  7. Thanks for participating in the Cover2CoverBlog Mini Challenge! Good luck during the read-a-thon!

  8. Love your mini challenge answers!

  9. Love your chosen books! I have all three on my to-read list so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of them. Good luck on your goals!

  10. Last minitue ideas are usually the best. Good luck reaching your goals :) i am planning on reading the edge of never soon.

  11. I love the Across the Universe series! Good luck with your reading :)

  12. I hope you'll complete your goals & read those book & enjoy them :)

    And wow, great idea about character, I'd love to hear the story from her PoV, too :)

    Happy reading!

  13. I have wanted to read The Edge of Never since I first saw it, although I haven't gotten to it yet. I have not been in the mood for a lot of YA as of late. I go in streaks.
    I hope that you are enjoying the read-a-thon and feeling good about your reading.

  14. I saw A Million Suns and thought it was Shades of Earth which I forgot should be out now because this cover is different and I was really excited. :) I hope you finish them all in time! Sounds like you've got some winners. Good luck.

  15. Thanks for stopping by at my blog. How did your reading challenge go?

    The Edge of Never looks like an amazing book (well, if you're one for judging a book by it's cover like I am!) I haven't read any of the books you've picked but I think I'll take a look at a couple and add them to my to-read list!

    - Farhana @ <a href=">Digesting The Words</a>

    1. I was able to finish all the books during the readathon. The Edge of Never was my favorite of them. I hope to have a review up for it this week, as well as a playlist (this may be the first book that I felt compelled to make a playlist to go with it).


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