Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Post ~ Lucy from Big whale, Small whale

Today, I have a special guest here to give you some advice!

Let's welcome Lucy, one of the bloggers from Big whale, Small whale. I hope those of you reading it will find what she has to say useful. 

Thank you, Lucy, for taking the time to put together a post to be published on this blog. 
Haiii whales :)

► I’m Lucy Lin xD And I’m from Big whale, Small whale x] ◄
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Right, there you goooo :”) And shannnk yewww :D :D
*I know I speak weird language .____. *

I’m gonna give a small Blogging 101 lesson ;) or not really a lesson :D
How to balance book reviews requested and books on your personal TBR :)
I got this topic from Dee :) She is a book blogger too xD
I thought maybe it’s a good time to let my little opinion speak :P

♣ I have this little comparison x]

Book review requested = School homework :)
Books on your personal TBR = Your-extra-favorite-class-which-is-outside-school-homework :D
You = The student who have to complete both of them, or you will be unhappy, or someone will!

♠ Why this comparison ? xD

• School homework → You may like it, you may don’t. Depend on your teacher!
Same with the requested book, maybe you will fall in love or whatever with that book. Maybe it sucks (well, just maybe) and you can’t even complete it! Depends on the person who requested it D:

Right ? C:

• Extra class homework → It’s your favorite thing to do, you chose to do it, you will absolutely enjoy doing it more than school homework sometimes :)

◘ Soooo, what do you do ?

I chose requested book to be school homework, which some of you may think more important than books on your personal TBR because TBR books, you can complete it anytime you want, there’s no time limit :) But requested books mean someone somewhere on this planet, 7 billion people in the world try to fit in * this is getting more like a love song -.- GOD! Justin Bieber is hot!* is waiting to read your review! They have like umm..faith (??!) in you, that you can absolutely bring them the best review of that book! Quite pressure eh ?
So what I’m saying here is requested book is a responsibility, just like school homework. If you don’t complete it, then you may fail someone! Seriously :\ Because once you accept a requested book you have responsibility to give a feedback on it ;) a.s.a.p maybe ;) *in case you don’t know a.s.a.p = as soon as possible*
However, doing what you love is essential, and we’re all lazy for school homework sometimes :D :D teehee

♦ What should we do ?

1. If there’s book on my person TBR that I’m desperately love it and I can’t do anything about it. Well, here what I will do → if I can finish it within 2 or 3 days, I will read it :) If it’s in a series or take me longer to finish I will read the requested books first :D
► By doing it, you can comfortably enjoy your TBR books without worrying the requested people will be upset about waiting too long :) or feel guilty for not reading the requested book first :) *if you’re that sensitive :”)*
► If you’re dying to read a long book on your TBR shelf, then why not finish the task on your shoulder, then spend the rest of your time on it. No worry. Sexy, free and single .___. wow -.-
P/S: Just in case you read your TBR books first, send an email to the requested person, tell him/her maybe it will take you an extra 2 or 3 days to post the review :) An email costs nothing ;)
2. If your reading schedule is flat which mean on your TBR shelf, there’s no book you can’t wait to read. Then I recommend to read the requested books first :) At least someone is waiting for it :)

3. If you’re in the middle of a TBR book then just finish it then read the requested books :) It’s okayyy ;)

◘ Sooo, in conclusion, how to balance ?

1. Make sure you read the summary and information of the requested book before you accept it :)
2. If you already have too many TBR books and you wanna read them all in the near future, don’t accept any more requested books :)
3. You review book at 1:1 ratio - one requested, one TBR. xD
4. If you’re able to write review right after you finish a book, then do it :) it will save your time from another day to write review :)
5. Schedule your post carefully :) Besides your reading, your blog readers is also important :) Make sure you schedule your post nicely and smoothly so you won’t get any overlap post ;)

Have fun blogging people :)
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Have fun blogging <3


  1. Such a great post! I feel the same way and I think this topic is becoming quite popular amongst us bloggers. I received a book to review ages ago and I still have not read it yet and it was published 24th of July. Does that make me a bad person??? I just don't have time to be reviewing other books. Review books are like required reading in school! I t just makes it not fun at all!!!

    1. Sometimes, the fact that a book is a review copy is a bit of a downer. It kind of takes the appeal away from it, so I have a tendency to put off reading it for awhile.

    2. Thank youuuuuu ♥ I'm glad it helped :)

  2. Awesome post! These tips would be very helpful for beginners and even people like myself. You definitely need to be organized with everything from posting to keeping your TBR pile in order. I also think it's very important to prioritize review books as publishers have been so kind to send you them in the first place. Well done guys :)


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