Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guest Review by Ruby (Feed Me Books Now) ~ Kite Spirit by Sita Brahmachari

I've got a guest reviewer here today! Please welcome Ruby from Feed Me Books NowIf you haven't already met her, I suggest you visit her blog and say hi and check out her blog (which has a really awesome purple monster).

Thank you Ruby. :)

Genre: YA contemporary
Series and number: Stand alone
Number of pages: 309
Edition: Paperback
Link to Goodreads page

Source: Borrowed
Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads synopsis: During the summer of her GCSEs Kite's world falls apart. Her best friend, Dawn, commits suicide after a long struggle with feeling under pressure to achieve. Kite's dad takes her to the Lake District, to give her time and space to grieve. In London Kite is a confident girl, at home in the noisy, bustling city, but in the countryside she feels vulnerable and disorientated. Kite senses Dawn's spirit around her and is consumed by powerful, confusing emotions - anger, guilt, sadness and frustration, all of which are locked inside. It's not until she meets local boy, Garth, that Kite begins to open up - talking to a stranger is easier somehow. Kite deeply misses her friend and would do anything to speak to Dawn just once more, to understand why . . . Otherwise how can she ever say goodbye? A potent story about grief, friendship, acceptance and making your heart whole again.

My review: First of all, a huge thank you to Kaitlin for letting me guest review here at Reading is My Treasure! I blog over at Feed Me Books Now, and due to the amount of books I've read I don't have space to fit in all of my reviews, hence why I'm guest reviewing here! Kite Spirit was a wonderful book but probably for younger readers than myself; I think I'd recommend to 12 and 13-year-olds as, although it does involve themes such as suicide, it's an incredibly easy read.

The main asset of the novel is definitely the character development. Kite, the protagonist and narrator, is as close to a "typical" teenager as you can get, but she definitely evolves throughout the course of the novel. Coming to terms with her best friend's suicide strengthens her as a person, and this change within her is clearly evident to the reader. Watching a character develop across the course of a book is always a privilege for any reader, and Sita Brahmachari's stunning writing style made this change something even more beautiful to experience.

You never actually meet the character of Dawn, but through flashbacks and memories, you feel like you know her. As you learn more about Kite's friendship with Dawn, it's even more painful for the reader to know what Kite had to go through; many readers, myself included, have a relationship like Kite and Dawn with one of there friends.

Overall, I did really enjoy Kite Spirit, but it didn't WOW me. The middle seemed to drag on for too long and it hit a lot of slow/rough patches. But if you're looking for a beautiful novel about friendship, then this is definitely one of the best bets!
(. . . and here are my purple stars to go with Ruby's rating.)


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