Monday, August 12, 2013

The Blogging Bucket List

You're probably familiar with the concept of "bucket list:" a list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." Well, I've decided to come up with a similar type of list. This is a series of things I would like to experience in my duration as a book blogger, however long or short it turns out to be. I want to set some goals for myself . . . and hopefully it will keep me motivated to actually make them happen.

This is something anyone with a blog may also take part in.

If you want to create your own list, here is what you do:
  • Grab the banner I made or create your own. If you make your own, just remember to at least put "The Blogging Bucket List" on it as well as my blog name. You can add any other information to it if you like.
  • Come up with a list of goals/accomplishments you would like to reach as a blogger. Do whatever you want with it. It's your list and there is no specific requirement as to how many things or what type of blogging things should go on it (you may even add in some non-blogging things if you like).
  • When your post is published, come back and leave me a link to it in the comment section below. 
I've kept mine quite simple. I've been blogging for two months, and there's a whole bunch of little things I would like to do.

Here it goes! I hope you like the list and encourage others to make their own Blogging Bucket List.
Abstract goals:
-Have as much fun as possible
-Meet a lot of amazing people in the blogosphere
-Improve my review writing
-Help authors promote their books
-Help fellow bookaholics find great books to read
-Balance my schoolwork, my blogging, and my reading well

Numbers to reach by the end of 2013:
-18 email subscribers (I'll be 18 in a few months)
-280 Bloglovin followers
-400 Twitter followers (I may need to bump this up a few hundred)
-150 GFC followers
- ?? pageviews (I have no clue what amount I would make a goal)
-200 blog posts
- ?? comments (I'll just take whatever I can get)
-80 reviews

Book and review related:
-Review my first pre-pub ARC
-Read and review my first DRC from Edelweiss (I have two to read right now)
-Sign up for Netgalley (I'm planning to sign up on October 19th of this year)
-Post a review with at least one GIF or photo with captions
-Post reviews and thoughts of the AP Lit books I'll be reading this school year

Post/Event related:
-Post a movie vs book reaction
-Review for a book tour (will be accomplished in September)
-Interview for a book tour
-Start a blogging eventbe it weekly, monthly, or a one time thing (other than this).
-Host my very own giveaway--one where I give away the prize.
-Host a Twitter chat
-Write a really cool guest post for another blog (I have two guest posts to write, so maybe one will be awesome :) )
-Do something blog related to celebrate my birthday (in process of planning)
-Create a post about my review process (I've already got the pictures of my notebooks ready)
-Join a giveaway hop
-Start writing discussion posts based on my reader's requests (which I have a form for)

-Get a designed layout
-Create a button to represent my blog (and swap with other bloggers)
-Add a kindle ebook lending page  (the ebook lending page is all ready for people to look through and reserve ebooks)

-Join a street team (I've applied for one, so *fingers crossed*)
-Try co-blogging at least for a little while on either my blog or someone else's
-**Added** Co-host some sort of event with another blogger

Future (way down the line):
-Go to a real-life reading/blogging event as a blogger (this will most likely happen in the fall of 2014)
-????? (I'm not really sure what will be the rest of the goals for the future)

This is all I can come up with for now. Like I said, I kept it pretty simple, but if you have any ideas of what I can put on this list, please let me know! I want my blogging experience to be the best it can be.

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  1. Love, love this post Kaitlin! Those goals are brilliant and I'm sure you'll achieve them all very soon! :D You've already done so much for the blogosphere during this short amount of time you've been blogging! :P

    Great post and I might do this myself if I have time!

    1. Thank you. :)

      I hope you do participate in this whever you have the time. It has no time limit.

  2. Those are some great goals! Some of those scare me-they seem hard to do being a newbie and all. :) Good luck! I'm sure you'll be able to do all this and more!

    1. Some may be a bit difficult, but I don't have a time limit. I'm hoping I'll be able to accomplish each one of them someday. :)

  3. Great idea, I might join in, it sounds like fun.

    1. You really should! Even if you only come up with a few goals, I would love to see them.

  4. Ugh I haven't done anything productive today grrr so I'll go set mine up right now. I love your bucket list! :D I'm pretty sure you'll accomplish all of them. I think for my bucket list, I'll put up goals I want to accomplish before 2015 since it's already August 2013 and August-December flies by soo freaking fast I don't know why!

    Little Book Star

    1. I'm looking forward to your list! Setting the 2015 goal is a good idea, and it will probably push you to accomplish the things on your list.

  5. This is a fantastic blogging bucket list! You've come a long way for blogging for 3 months, keep up the good work. I think blogging can take up a lot of time but it's definitely worth it, just remember that you don't need to panic if you don't blog for a while. Something I need to keep reminding myself :)

    1. Thank you. I agree, blogging is so worth the time. I've really enjoyed it.

  6. Here's my bucket list! (: Glad I stumbled across your tweet about someone else doing it from yours!

  7. This is a great feature!

    I'm participating too, you can find my list here

  8. Love this idea too. I'm going to have to take some time tomorrow to think of my list. Will come back and post it.

  9. This is a great idea. Love this post. And your bucket list is very doable (is that even a word?!?). Congrats on getting your blog up and running and setting some amazing goals for yourself! I just might join you once I figure out my bucket list too. I already have a personal bucket list, but never thought of doing for my book blog. :)

    1. Thank you! Even a small Blogging Bucket List is nice, and I hope you make one sometime. :)

  10. I am ever so happy to have stumbled upon your humble blog through Leigh of Little Bookstar, Kait. And because I was inspired with your blogging bucket list, I also made one.

    Here it is: Thoughts and Pens Book Blogging Bucket List.

    I wish you all the best of luck for you to achieve all your goals. :D

    1. Waaaa! We follow each other. I am so sorry, my memory is so weak. I have so many things going on in my mind right now. You're an active commenter on my blog. I just didn't connect the Kaitlin who made the list and the Kaitlin who I am exchanging comments with. That's why your blog looked so familiar. *sighs* That's so remiss of me. Please forgive me, Kait.

    2. Don't worry. I forgive you. :)

      Thank you for making a list!

  11. This sounds great! I am not sure what I would put on a blogging bucket list but I will definitly be giving a list like this some thought over the next little while. I will bookmark this blog so that I can come back here when I get this list created.

    1. Thank you! Even a simple list with a few goals on it is a good one. I hope you do create a list sometime.

  12. here's my bucket list. it's mostly a copy of yours but I emitted and added some stuff


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