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The Lineup ~ Sarah Dessen Books

This is a sudden idea I just popped into my head yesterday after I finished reading The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. I've noticed that when I mention I'm a fan of her books, people always ask me which one was my favorite. And I always answer with my top one or two—out of eleven total books. I feel like the others need more attention. So . . . I decided to expand on my answer to the question by ranking all of the author's books in order from favorite to least favorite (top to bottom), and explain why I chose to order them the way I did. It was a bit of a tough process (these books are by one of my all time favorite authors), and I'm a tiny bit unsure of the placement of some of them. For today, though, this is what I came up with.

**These books are ranked according to how much I enjoyed it, and not so much on how well they were written.
This Lullaby 
This was either my first Dessen book or the first one I truly fell in love with. I'm not sure. Either way, it holds a special place in my heart and it would take a very very good book to take its spot at the top of the list.

This also has a special place in my heart. It was the was the first book that broke my heart and made me an absolute emotional mess. I believe it was also the first book I had read about abuse and the first I read with a main character with the same name as me (phonetically at least). I love this book, and I always will. 

My copy of Dreamland holds a significant memory. If you can tell in the photo, it's pretty damaged—the most damaged book of my entire bookshelf. That's because I lent it out to my best friend and she returned it with the bad news that she accidentally left it out in the rain. I was pretty upset when she first returned it (as any bookaholic would be; we love our books), but I can never stay mad at friends for long. I won't replace my copy, though. Once a memory is attached to the book, I don't let it go.

Just Listen
I have a thing for books with music in it, and this one is one of my favorites. I just loved Annabel's story, and her relationship with Owen and her family. This is one of the books I'll pick up to flip through the pages and read the best parts because they make me happy.

The Truth About Forever
I must have read this one and the above three at least three times because of how rereadable they are. It's the perfect summer read. I loved the whole Wish crew and their odd personalities. 

Along for the Ride
This too is a perfect summer read. It's probably the one that has impacted my life the most out of this list because I sometimes look back and realize I missed out on a lot of childhood experiences. Now, when the the opportunity to join in on a high school experience (like prom—yes, this book had a little impact to change my decision on attending), I often times think of this book and how I might regret not taking advantage of that chance.

Lock and Key
Hmm . . . I need to read this one again. I haven't in awhile. I loved it too, and the characters and the struggles each one went through through.

*The Moon and More*
I really enjoyed reading this book and it even left me with happy tears in my eyes after I finished. However, all of the above ones have been my favorites for years (at least five) and have left a lasting impression on me that a new addition to this stack just can't do yet. Maybe it'll move up later, but the effect of it hasn't even sunk in yet.

Keeping the Moon
I enjoyed this book enough to read it at least three or maybe four times, but I didn't like it as much as the others. It's a quick read. 

What Happened to Goodbye
For some reason, I was a bit disappointed in this book. I don't even know why, really. It didn't leave me saying "wow," just "that was nice." 

Someone Like You (part of How to Deal)
I read this after I discovered the How to Deal movie that I loved was based off two books. It turned out to be one of the only times where I enjoyed watching the movie way better than reading the books it was based off. I didn't not like the book; It just didn't leave much of an impression.

That Summer (also part of How to Deal)
Honestly? I don't remember much from this one. The things that I do remember are the details that were in the movie.
Ah, that brought back good bookish memories. These books have been with me almost the entire time I've been a bookaholic (which I wasn't until 6th grade) and they've heavily affected my how much I love to read.

I would like to do more of these lineups in the future. The idea is to take an author who I've read three or more books from and rank them from most to least favorite. I may choose other commonalities besides author to link the books together, too, like supernatural creature or genre. Maybe I'll even create a lineup of books ranked by how much they made me cry. There sure has been plenty to make a list of (books make me very emotional).

What do you think? What kind of lineups would you like to see me do in the future? I would love to hear your ideas! 


  1. I agree about the two that make up the How to Deal set/book. They were alright but not as captivating as some of her other stuff. They were her two first novels so that may be a part of it. I haven't seen the movie though. I need to-I love Mandy Moore.

    1. I do too. She's one of my favorite actresses. :)

  2. Great idea ^_^

    I've read Lock and Key and Along For The Ride, both of which I very much enjoyed! :)

    Charli x

  3. I've actually only read one book by Sarah Dessen, and it was Just Listen. I guess I'm going to have to read the rest!

  4. I haven't read any of Sarah Dessen's books, but if I do, I'll make sure to read This Lullaby first. :)

    Leigh, LBS ★

  5. Great post Kaitlin! It's a really cool idea because I totally get what you mean about it being so hard to pick favourites. Everyone raves all about her books and what great contempories they are, which has made me eager to read them as I devour a good contemporary. I have Lock and Key and I'm excited to start soon. You've read so many. I look forward to seeing more of this awesome feature soon :)

    - Sunny @ A Sunny Spot Blog

  6. This is a very interesting idea. I've loved all of the Dessen books I've read, and I've found it very hard to answer that "what's your favorite?" question. I'm kind of upset to hear that the ones that compromise "How to Deal" aren't too good on their own- they're on my immense "to read" list right now..

    -Moni @ Cloud9Shelf


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