Monday, September 2, 2013

I Bring Important Announcements!

September is here! It's a brand new month and all sorts of exciting things are happening in the blogosphere, in the reading world, and on my blog. This means I have a lot to inform you of, starting with . . .

It's time to go back to school!

Tomorrow, I'll be starting my senior year of high school, which means going back to doing homework every night, failing to catch up on sleep, and finding precious time to relax and read. I expect to be really, really busy, especially since it's the first trimester (no, my school doesn't go by semesters) and I have tough classes. I also have college application related stuff to do. 

Since school always has to come first, I won't be able to blog or even just read as much as I did during summer break. So . . . to make things easier for myself, I've made some plans and adjustments:

Regular content on the blog
  • Reviews
    • They will be less frequent, so they will be spread out
    • I'm not accepting review requests, but I may make a couple requests if I really want to read the book
  • Stacking the Shelves - I really like this meme, so I would like to keep it
    • Every first and third Saturday or every first or last Saturday of each month
  • Waiting on Wednesday
    • Bi-monthly (either every first/third or every second/fourth Wednesday)
  • Throwback Thursday - I like this meme and since it's small, I want to keep participating in it
    • Monthly 
  • The Lineup
    • Bi-Monthly - Starting in October
    • I have a a lot of Lineup of topics that I want to do specifically in September
  • Your Requests, My Responses
    • Random - Depending on the subject, it could take a long time to put it together or only a short time. It also depends on how often topics are submitted
  • **Guest posts on Reading is My Treasure (schedule below)
    • Every Friday (with one exception)
  • Sunday Post??
    • I'm thinking of doing this every week so I can just tell you about how my week had gone
  • Themed months
    • I hope to have a certain theme for each month from now on (most will be mini themes)
    • This was started because I'm having a birthday theme (plus a mini Halloween one) in October
  • . . . and then any other random ideas I decide to put together. I tend to do that often 
Special events

I'm having guests over!

Early in August, I realized I should be planning for guest posts for my busy months. That means there will always be something posted every week. I posted requests on Twitter and Goodreads, and surprisingly, a lot of people contacted me about guest posting! Thank you to all of you who did that. You are not only bringing great posts to this blog, but you are also helping me out a lot.

(subject to change; not every topic has been decided on; more posters may be added)

9/6 - Charli @ To Another World - Bookish Pet Peeves
9/13 - Arianne (@Ariannebooklove on Twitter) - Trends in YA book covers
9/19 - Crystal @ Crystal in Bookland - Book Boyfriends
9/27 - Meredith @ Pandora's Books - Time Travel Books
10/4 - Brianna @ Listful Booking - Highlighting authors born in October
10/11 - Ovellia @ Chinese Violin Diary
10/18 - Kenzie @ The Read-a-Holic - Guest review
10/25 - Amber @ The Mile Long Bookshelf - A Tour of . . . (well, I'm just leaving that as a surprise)
11/1 - Erin Alberts (author of The Prophecy)
11/8 - Erin @ Eternal Books - Fantasy Books
11/15 - Loretta @ The Teen Guide to Everything Awesome- Guest review 
11/22 - Holly @ A Daydreamers Thoughts

Now, for my September specific announcements

I'm having a theme! I don't know how much I'll do for it. I'll just do things as I come up with ideas of what to do. That's how I usually do things. 

Internationally Bookish
(banner coming soon)

I came up with this idea when I trying to put together a Lineup. You should know that I really like Australian (and British, but in this case, I wasn't focusing on that) literature. There's just something about it that interests me. I decided to make a Lineup of all the books I've read set in Australia . . . which sadly turned out to be a very small number--I can count all of them from my bookshelf on one hand. Meanwhile, I can probably look through my books and find at least double the amount set in New York City or anywhere in California alone.

I tweaked my Lineup idea to something more broad and *lightbulb moment* came up with the idea to dedicate the month of September to celebrating and highlighting not only Australian, but also all non-US literature. This is my own way of appreciating the great parts of the book and blogging world outside of my own country.

Like I said before, I'm just putting together posts for this theme as I go along. I do have a few Lineup topics I want to do and I've started compiling a list of international bloggers to spotlight on a post or two. I also want to come up with a list of international books and maybe (this just popped into my head) one of amazing international covers. 

Keep an eye out for those posts this month! Meanwhile, I have a few ads below. Thank you for reading! :-)


International YA bloggers/authors
If you want to take part in a quick interview (about five questions) for this month, please email me at If you aren't interested in an interview, but still want to take part in this event, also let me know. We can arrange something. :)

October born YA bloggers/authors
If you are interested in taking part in my special birthday themed event in October, please email me! We can work out some way to feature you sometime during the month, be it a guest post, interview, giveaway, or even just a simple mention.

Ideas, Anyone?
If you happen to have any great suggestions about things I should do (or maybe even any ideas of what you would like to do on your own blog to participate) for Internationally Bookish or for my birthday themed month, please contact me via email or my Twitter account (@KaitlinS16). Don't be shy. I welcome all ideas!


  1. Good luck with school! Senior year seems a bit scary, what with college applications and such, but I have also heard it has its fun moments. As of tomorrow, I will have been back in school for a whole month, and it gets a lot easier once you have gotten back into the rhythm of things.

    Your themed months sound like a fantastic idea. I wish I was an international or October-born blogger so I could participate, but maybe some other month!

    1. I agree. It does get better when I'm back into the school rhythm. I'm always a lot more nervous about the school year before I start it, but after I'm at school for awhile, it's not that bad.

      Hopefully you'll be able to participate in a future theme! I'm sure not every one of them will be for certain bloggers.

  2. Good luck with school. I find it so weird how everyones talking about going back to school whereas my school will be finishing for the term in 3 weeks. I hate it because school means less reading...less reviews...lest activity on the blog. Thats the down side!
    Good luck

    1. This will be my first time going to school while having a blog, so I'm not looking forward to the whole "less activity on the blog" part. :(

      I do like school, though, so that's a good thing.

  3. You know whenever I heard "It's time to go back to school", I used to feel oh joy torture time. But I hope it's not the case for you. Well, good luck with school and all the college applications. Everything runs smooth and nothing goes wrong. And last but not least, have fun (it's the last year of HS after all woohoo).

    1. It's not that much the case with me. Sometimes I think of starting this year with dread, but I mostly enjoy going to school. Thankfully. :)

      Thank you. I hope everything goes well, too.

  4. Senior year? Lucky! I hear it's amazing! (I'm just starting my junior year!!) great ideas!! I love how you plan to interview authors and bloggers outside the U.S.!! That is such a new idea!
    And October born birthdays? That sounds super fun! Can't wait to see who else you get to interview!!
    And last but not least! That is so smart about the guest post thing! I really should find some people willing to write a guest post!!
    Good luck with school and your blog his year!! It sounds exciting!!

    1. Thank you! I just hope I can actually get people to interview and feature. I only have one October birthday blogger right now, so hopefully I'll get a few more.

  5. Woot woot senior year :) *high five* I already finished writing my first personal essay for college application now we're writing our resume for English 4 class D: asdfghhjkl. I hope you have the best senior year, Kaitlin! I really like your schedule; it's very organized. And your ideas rocks! Crossing my fingers you won't be too busy!


    1. *high fives back* Thank you! I hope your own senior year will go well. :)

      I believe I'll be writing my resume in my college prep class . . . which I'm both excited and not excited for.

  6. Good luck with school! Hope you can read as much as you would like to.

    Sarah @ Kitties Like Books Too

  7. Very cool! I love the idea of regular guest posts. And I'll have to keep my eye out for your themed months; seems very unique!


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