Monday, September 30, 2013

Internationally Bookish: Interview #4 ~ Mia from My Literary Jam (& Toast)

This is my last Internationally Bookish interview! I've interviewed Mia Hayson, a writer from Scotland. She has a huge personality and I'm glad to be featuring her today. :)

Check out Mia's blog, My Literary Jam (& Toast). (I really like that title.) Also, say hi to her on her Twitter!

Welcome, Mia. I'm glad to be interviewing you 
at Reading is My Treasure!
First of all, you write, right? What are you 
working on at the moment?
Yes! I write YA fiction of all descriptions (I once wrote a little something about time travelling kitchen appliances) but right now I'm polishing off a story called SEA OF FLAMES. It's about a girl broken on the inside and angry on the outside. She lives in a world tearing itself apart as its climate grows more extreme and so do the people within it. It's a coming of age story, she's looking for her name and her firesong, but it's also about finding acceptance. I like books that show how a person is much more than one thing, and I guess that's what this is.
Good luck with the book! 
What is your favorite genre within YA and why?
I have to be honest, I like all YA and sometimes this gets me into trouble and sometimes this takes me to wonderful places! My favourite YA doesn't have a genre necessarily, but involves books that cause you to really think and re-evaluate things. I like the unexpected, and falling in love with something or someone I thought I couldn't.
I like pretty much all YA genres too. 
What is one of your favorite places for a book to be set 
in (like country, city, etc.)?
Tricky! I'm not sure I have a place. Books open up horizons, so I enjoy trekking through the jungle and swaggering down the streets of New Orleans, but I also like books set in made up places. There's something meaningful in reading about an entirely new place, with new rules, and seeing something of your home in it. So, yes. Um. Hmm.
Is there a book set in Scotland or written by a Scottish 
author that you highly recommend reading?
I really enjoy Iain Rankin and his books set in Edinburgh. Not YA but crime, and very good! In many ways they describe the real city, the torn apart areas and the real problems faced, which is not something you see in a lot of other books. I'd recommend those if you were thinking of writing a modern book set in a Scottish city and wanted it to feel real. Fabulous! 
 Lastly, tell me something interesting about Scotland that 
probably don't already know about. 
It's different from you what read in the books.

Some things are the same but there's this feeling in the highlands I've yet to see a book do justice. It's the small things, I guess, like a crisp afternoon in October as the sun falls, the shadows rolling out like sheets of pasta, and the first smell of snow brushes by you. Or a morning in the depths of winter, when you and your brother have waited until the sun is at its highest to brave oceans of snow again and try to make it home from your parents'. As snow tumbles towards the car, like stars rushing by a spaceship, you watch a man throw sugar out the back of his tractor. Hundreds of black wings against the ivory of the road. Calm in the heart of a snow storm because no matter how you try, you can't rush winter. Winter always wins. You might think the people mirror the weather — cold and sharp, harsh and unrelenting — but that couldn't be further from the truth. Our hands are cold but our hearts are warm. Life is short and winter is long, and maybe that's what the feeling is living here. Winter will always win, so you make the most of the summer. Winter is long, so let it be and accept the beauty of it.
You describe it in such a good way!
Thank you for answering my questions, Mia!
What did you think of the interview? How would you have answered 
some of the questions I asked? (or other question)

Internationally Bookish is now over! You can check out my other posts with the theme here. I'll have the kickoff for my next theme sometime this week.


  1. I love these interviews. Since I am grounded in America, I love hearing about other countries. And the lovely description of Scotland totally hypnotized me. It sounds so magical :D

  2. Thank you for having me Kaitlin! You are fabulous! And thank you for the kind words! <3


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