Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review ~ I Breathe You by Lori L. Clark

Series: Breathe #1
Genre: NA contemporary
Pages: 247 (estimated)
Publication date: August 2, 2013
Publisher: Self
Goodreads page

Goodreads description:
When a tragic accident leaves Rhane Evans -- lead vocalist for the rock band Fate's Crazy -- permanently unable to speak above a whisper and kills the love of her life, she moves across the state to pick up the pieces. Shattered, Rhane struggles to understand what happened the night of the accident, an accident everyone blames her for, even though she wasn't driving the car.

Enter Ian Callahan. He's the one person who may have a more tumultuous past than Rhane. Though they try hard to deny the sizzling attraction between them, it proves nearly impossible. When Ian's troubled past threatens to tear them apart, they begin to believe happiness isn't in their cards.

Because Fate's Crazy that way...
Source: I received an e-copy from the author in return for an honest review

I thought this was a good NA contemporary romance. It had a nice story, couple, and group of side-characters. I enjoyed it a lot and I found many parts to be really sweet.

There were a few areas that could've had more to them, though. I would have liked to get to know Gwen and Emmy more--especially Emmy. When it was revealed that Ian had a deaf daughter, I was so excited because I don't see that in many of the books I read. I like family guys and I was looking forward to the impact of Emmy on Rhane and the book, but there actually wasn't very much of it. That disappointed me a bit. I also would've liked to have seen more of the after-effects that the car accident had on Rhane. Once the romance between her and Ian became more prominent in the book, it was like the other part lot a bit of its importance and was pushed slightly to the side when probably would've been better if it was tied in more with the relationship.

There was one last thing I thought could've been improved: conclusions. Often times, when a chapter ended, it felt a little odd--like it was too sudden. It could have transitioned more smoothly. Also, the conclusion to the entire book could have been better. It felt rushed.

Overall, I'm glad I requested to read this book. Despite the areas where it lacked, I Breathe You was definitely worth my time. A romantic contemporary novel is what I needed at the time.


  1. Glad it was good overall even if the concusions weren't the best done

  2. Wow it sounds like a pretty sad story but sometimes I like these because they're a painful reminder of what life can be like. Great review as always! Seems like an interesting book that I might pick up.


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