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The Lineup ~ Books by Aussie Authors

I took a week off of The Lineup because school started, but I'm back with a new one! This is part of my September Theme, Internationally Bookish. It's just a small theme where I'll be focusing particularly on the bookish world outside of the US. That includes the type of Lineups I'll be putting together.

I originally wanted to make this list exclusively for books set in Australia, but then I realized that I haven't actually read that many of those . . . so I went with books by Australian authors. This time, I got a good number, but it's still--sadly--a small one. Note that this is probably not all of the ones I've read, but they're the ones that popped up on the Goodreads Australian book/authors listopias.

Books by Aussie Authors

 The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This book . . . is amazing. First of all, I love books set in this time period. They're incredibly interesting. Also, the writing--this book is packed full of uses of foreshadowing, symbols, creative language, and so much more. The heroine, Liesel, is one of my favorites. Books and reading play a large and special role throughout the entire story. And, it made me cry. There isn't anything I didn't like about The Book Thief.

I Am the Messenger Markus Zusak
Can you tell Markus Zusak is my favorite Australian authors? He's also one of my top favorites of all time. This book is also one of my favorites. I was initially interested in two parts: a cab driver and playing cards. I always find it cool when a deck of cards plays a role in a story, and I don't see many cab drivers make a presence in books. Also, the journey the MC, Ed, goes on was so great and I absolutely loved it. While it's not as good as The Book Thief, it's definitely a worthwhile read.

Eon by Alison Goodman
Dragons. Really well done dragons. Need I say more? Well, okay, I really loved the culture of the book and the heroine disguising herself as a boy bits of it too. 

Eona by Alison Goodman
Again, dragons. Also, romance and adventure. I really like it when characters travel from place to place, and that happened in this book.

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
Out of all of these books, you've probably heard the most of The Book Thief and then the second most of this book. Is it just me, or has this book become really popular lately? It feels like the book world is finally caught up and realized this book was really good and in need of attention. I read this book 4-5 years ago and I'm really glad that more people are finally realizing that it's a must read. Jellicoe Road is what got me interested in Australian books in the first place because it has the really different feel about it that I just love.

Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James
This one also has the different feel to it. If you love thrillers, read this book! On the back of the book, it says "'A genuine page-turner about obsessive friendship and tragedy that'll keep you gripped.'" - HEAT. I completely and totally agree, and more people need to read it! This is my type of book.

Sabriel by Garth Nix
A really good fantasy with tons of magic and adventure. Some parts felt a bit slow to me, but overall, it's a great starter to the series. 

Lirael by Garth Nix
I only placed this one lower than Sabriel because I can't remember which one I liked better. I think I actually liked this one better, but still, I'm unsure (I need to reread them). Again, there a lot of magic and adventure, and I definitely enjoyed reading the book.  

Old Magic by Marianne Curley
This one includes magic, time travel, and a good romance. It's a pretty quick read and I recommend giving it a try sometime. It's a great book, but it doesn't stand out a whole lot compared to the ones above (I read it a long time ago, though, so that probably has something to do with it).

The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington
It's a fun and quick read! However, it's not a very memorable one for me.

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
I liked this one, but I don't remember much from it. It's an angel book that didn't stand out very much.

Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalester
I remember even less about this one than Halo, so I can't really tell you why else this book is on the very bottom of the list. 
Magic or Madness received a Goodreads rating of two stars from me, and Halo received three stars. Everything else was rated four or five stars. 

I have to say . . . I've had a great experience with the work of Australian authors. Can you now see why I often say I love to read their books? I know I haven't read a lot, but I am eager to read many more Aussie YA books!

Have you read any of these books? What Australian authors/books would you recommend I read?


  1. This is an excellent list. I have so many favorites written by Australian authors. Markus Zusak is phenomenal, obviously. And Eon is on my tbr list, as are Sabriel and Halo.

    I recently read Shadows by Paula Weston who is an Australian author and loved it.

    I also love any book written by Cath Crowley.

    1. I'll have to check out Shadows sometime. I haven't heard of it.

  2. I'm so excited that you chose Aussie authors for your list! I love seeing our local authors get international recognition! Melina Marchetta is a fabulous author, I loved her book Looking for Alibrandi too! And if you like YA books you absolutely MUST check out Jessica Shirvington's books, Embrace (Violet Eden series) is amazing and has actually been signed up to be a tv series by Steven Spielberg!

    Amy @ The Reading Realm

    1. Embrace is a new addition to my school library, so hopefully I'll be reading it soon!

  3. I really want to read The Book Thief. I heard it's so good! I tried Halo but I didn't really like it. I think I'll give it another chance though.

    1. Maybe you'll like it better the second time. :)

  4. The Book Thief is in my TBR list, but sadly I didn't know the other books where written by aussie authors I have to fix that.

    1. There were a few on the Lineup that I didn't know where written by Aussie authors into I started looking for them.


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