Monday, September 30, 2013

The Lineup ~ UKYA

This is my closing post for Internationally Bookish! I didn't end up doing a lot for the theme, but I'm still glad I was able to fit in a few Lineups and blogger interviews to go with it. Next month's theme will be started later this week!

I did a Lineup for Books by Aussie Authors, and now I'm doing one by UK authors. This may not be all of the books I've read in this theme, but these are the ones I know about. I know some of the classics I've read could probably go on this list, but I'm keeping them off. 

UKYA books 
(Most books aren't in the picture)
Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
I really don't need an explanation, do I?

His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman
This is one of the series that pulled me into the love of reading. The Golden Compass is one of my all-time favorite books The movie, though, was a huge disappointment. 

Being by Kevin Brooks
This book is just so . . . awesome and weird and . . . really cool. It's such a good, odd little book that I would love to reread and review on Reading is My Treasure sometime. 

The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner
I love good historical fiction, and this is a good one. I really like it when a book is set during the French Revolution and it was really cool how the author mixed a bit of magic/fantasy in with history. 

Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning
This one is a quick contemporary that pulled me into it. I like to reread this one and read my favorite parts from it. It's not a light book, but it isn't a terribly heavy one. It's my type of contemporary, and I often times like reading books like this one.

Candy by Kevin Brooks
Kevin Brooks is one of my favorite authors despite the fact that I haven't given any of his books over a four star rating. I really like the feel of his writing and I don't read a lot like it. I'm not sure if I've ever read another book quite like Candy, but it is an awesome book.

City of Masks by Mary Hoffman
I couldn't get into the rest of the series, but this is such a cool book! I loved the concept and the world. It was an interesting read.

Numbers by Rachel Ward
The first half of this one went slow for me. I actually set it aside for a long time (a near DNF) before I picked it back up where I left off and finished it. The last half saved the book for me. It was a very good part of the book.

Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks
The same thing that happened with Numbers happened with this one, except it wasn't as interesting. I still liked it.

Lucas by Kevin Brooks
This one was pretty slow, but there were still a few pretty good parts.

This one was pretty funny, but I'm not a huge fan of this type of light contemporary. 
I really need to read more UKYA books. Any suggestions?


  1. I haven't heard of any of these books but they do sounds pretty good!

  2. Kevin Brooks was my favorite author growing up. I remember reading Lucas and being blown away (I was really into powerful reads back then, less entertainment so the slowness didn't affect me.) There's something about his novels that are kind of creepy but addictive at the same time.


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