Friday, October 11, 2013

Guest Post ~ Chinese Violin Diary

This week's guest post is the blogger behind Chinese Violin Diary! Her blog is not a book one, but rather a lifestyle one, so I recommend checking it out because it's a bit different. 

She was born in October, and her topic is birthday related, so she's part of my It's My Birthday (and I'll Read if I Want To) event!

Anyway, here's her post. Enjoy!
One of the Best Birthday Gifts
October. It's the month of many things: Halloween, the coming of Christmas, darkness, and rain. In short, it's a mystical month. It’s a month where everything suddenly also turns warm, dark and magical. We can enjoy life like a little kids who don’t give a care about the world. 

But as a child, I wasn't allowed to do some thing other children get to do. It was just that way, I guess.

I remember when I watched Rihanna's music video, Umbrella. Her clothes were as black as night, and she was holding a black umbrella. The colour scheme matched her tanned skin. As her clothes were glistened in the rain, she appeared to be dancing on the pavement, looking as if dancing under the rain was what she was destined to d. She looked completely at home dancing under the rain. There was something fascinating about the music video, and I used to want to stand under the rain, too, and feel the refreshing coldness of it as thunder rumbled in the overcast sky. Ah, to be one with nature and earth! Dancing in the rain was like the essence of life. It was something out of the ordinary and magical.

My parents have reasons for people not to stand in the rain, let alone dance in it. I guess they think it's not safe. I understand their reasons as I mature. I could get struck with lightning, get sick, and a car could lose control on the slippery road. But I think if we become too scared of everything, we will never enjoy the little thrills of life. Everything has risks, we cannot deny that. Perhaps you are more of a home person. You don’t like risks, or anything that is dangerous and gives you a heart attack. That is totally fine, but once in a while we can be courageous and give that terrifying roller coaster ride a shot. For the outgoing ones, well, all I can say is that you’ve experienced life little thrills! Congratulations!

Of course, I’m not saying that you should do something that you know is dangerous. I’m just saying that it’s good to do something that you’ve outgrown or are perhaps scared of doing. Things that are fun but not dangerous.

I suppose one of the best gifts that could be given to a child is the permission to dance under the rain. It's not expensive at all (if you don’t count going to the doctor if he/she gets sick), but it could be one of the best moments of his/her childhood. In the end, it’s the little thrill of it, the way you forget about everything else and connect with nature.

October’sa rainy month, so give dancing in the rain a shot!

Erhu Enchantress


  1. I love this guest post! Your dancing in the rain analogy is brilliant, and I agree that there are few simple pleasures more exhilarating than spinning under falling raindrops. I need to do more of it-both literally and figuratively-so thanks for reminding me to try.

  2. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster award. You can check out the post here


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