Friday, November 1, 2013

Review-a-thon & Netgalley November!

I've decided to join two different challenges/events this month! I plan to get a lot of work done, and I hope these will give me enough motivation to accomplish my goals. For this post, I'll just quickly tell you a little about each thing so you know what's going on. Maybe you'll even want to join me! :)

The Review-a-Thon is hosted by Leigh at Little Book Star. I've been looking forward to taking part in this since she came up with the idea a few months ago, and here it is! It's time to get down to writing those reviews. I know I have a lot to write, and I know many of you have a lot to write as well. 

Basically this challenge’s goal is for you to write as many reviews as you can in 2 weeks (Nov.1-14). Get those reviews you procrastinated on or write reviews for your future blog post (if you don’t post reviews every day.. I sure don’t) ! If you don’t have a blog, that’s okay! You can join if you have Goodreads or BookLikes. If you don’t post reviews everyday on your blog, what I would do is write all the reviews on Goodreads or BookLikes then just schedule the review post on your blog, then on your updates AND at the rafflecopter just link your Goodreads or BookLikes review. You have a max of 8 reviews to enter in the rafflecopter per day. The reviews MUST be written inside the time frame of Nov. 1-14.

1. Sign up ends on November 5.
2. You MUST have a blog OR a Goodreads OR BookLikes account in order to participate.
3. To sign up, make a blog post telling about the Review-A-Thon (just copy & paste the rules and the blurb up there where it says “Basically this challenge’s goal…”) + your updates/progress/goals. If you’re signing up via Goodreads, tweet it on twitter saying you’re participating in the Review-A-Thon (#ReviewAThon) & include a link to this post so others will know. Then, enter your Name, Sign Up Post/Tweet Link, and Email in the linky (click the blue frog).
4. There will also be 3 mini-challenges along the way so make sure to check back here.

My Goal

Write eight reviews
I have a bunch of books that I read earlier this year that I would like to review, and I have a few that I've recently read that I need to write reviews for. I'm hoping this review-a-thon will get me into a good reviewing mood and prepare me for my long list of review books I am planning to read in the next few months. 

I also have the goal to make an update post every few days. I tend to forget to do that in these kinds of things, so it'll be a side challenge for me to create regular posts.

I'm also joining in on this:

I came across Netgalley November (hosted by A Daydreamer's Thoughts, K-Books, and Bookish Treasures) on Twitter this week and decided I should join. The purpose of it is to read as many Netgalley books as we can, and since I was already planning to make November a review copy month, I thought it wouldn't hurt to join. Why not take part in a challenge like this to make it more fun?

You can learn more about Netgalley November here.

My Goals

Read all (or at least four) of my Netgalley books
I have five at the moment. I've only been a member for a couple weeks, so I don't have a huge pile.

 Read mostly from Edelweiss 
I know it's called "Netgalley November," but the thing is, I have a lot more books to read from Edelweiss. I was autoapproved by HarperCollins this week and was approved for two Harlequin titles, and I'm super excited to get started on my EW reading pile.

I would also like to make at least a weekly update on my progress
I'll share the books I plan to read on my first progress post

Would you like to join me?
If you have a lot of Netgalley books to read and/or a lot of reviews to write, I encourage you to join me in these challenges. They're both pretty simple and don't require a lot to sign up. If you're interested, please click on the links above to learn more about both challenges and join in on the fun!

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