Friday, November 22, 2013

2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge

Phantasmic Reads
The 2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge is hosted by Rachel @ Fiktshun and Reanna @ Phantasmic Reads!

This is the second challenge I'll be doing throughout 2014 (the other is the 2014 Series Challenge hosted by Octavia @ Read. Sleep. Repeat). I have a lot of review books at the moment and I know I will just get more as time goes on. This is the perfect challenge for me, as well as for so many bloggers, so I can't resist joining in!

Challenge Levels

1-10: Apprentice
11-20: Journeyman
21-30: Master
31-40: Grand Master
40+: Adept

What level am I aiming for?

I'm aiming for the Adept level because . . . why not? Having the goal of reaching the highest level will just make me work harder to achieve it. 

What Books Will I Be Reading?

I don't have a definite list of review books I'll be starting 2014 off with because I plan to read a bunch before this year ends, but here is the shelf where all my review copies are organized.

Are You Planning to do This Challenge as Well?


  1. Looks like a great challenge.This is exactly what I need right now.I have this huge review pile to finish,(well don't we all :) and this is a great chance to complete them.

    1. It is a really cool challenge. I'm excited for it. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure you'll reach your goal :) I'm not sure if I'll join this challenge though b/c for 2014, I don't really want to join any challenges except readathons since next year will be a VERY busy year for me.

    1. Oh, yeah, 2014 is going to be a very busy year. I can't resist the year long challenges, though. :)

  3. I signed up. I hope I finish. I also created my own challenge for next year

    1. Good luck on your own goals for the challenge!

  4. I normally do not sign up for challenges. They stress me too much.

    You are brave signing up for two. :)

    Have fun and may you get to your Adept Level. :)

    Saw your name on the linky list and wanted to stop by.

    Nice GFC follower.

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