Friday, November 15, 2013

Review ~ Damselfly by Jennie Bates Bozic

Series: Damselfly #1
Genre: YA dystopia
Pages: 205
Publication date: November 11th, 2013
Publisher: Self
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Goodreads description:
In 2065, the Lilliput Project created Lina - the first six-inch-tall winged girl - as the solution to a worldwide energy and food crisis. Isolated in a compound amidst the forests of Denmark, Lina has grown up aware of only one purpose: learn how to survive in a world filled with hawks, bumblebees, and loneliness. However, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she discovers that she’s not the only teenager her size. Six 'Toms' were created shortly after Lina, and now her creators need to prove to the world that tiny people are the next logical step in human evolution. In other words, they need to prove that reproduction is possible.

Um. No thanks. Lina's already fallen in love with a boy she met online named Jack. Only he has no idea that thumbelina1847 could literally fit inside his heart.

When her creators threaten to hurt Jack unless she chooses a husband from among the ‘Toms’, Lina agrees to star in a reality TV series. Once the episodes begin to air, the secret of her size is out. Cut off from any contact with the outside world, Lina assumes Jack is no longer interested. After all, what guy would want to date a girl he can’t even kiss?

Slowly, very slowly, she befriends the six young men who see her as their only ticket to happiness. Perhaps she can make just one guy’s dream of love and companionship come true. But her creators have a few more twists in store for her that she never thought possible.

She’s not the only one playing to the cameras.
Source: I received an e-arc from the author in return for an honest review.

Damselfly was a different read. And I really mean that. When do you ever read a book that features a six-inch winged main character created as a part of a project in the future and is blackmailed to be the star reality tv show where she is to find love in one of the only six guys her size? I certainly have never read something quite like it, and that was a big part of why I enjoyed the book. It had a few elements--small characters and reality television--that I don't see much while reading, and I really appreciate how the author used less common things to include in her story.

The book stayed interesting. It wasn't boring, but at the same time, it wasn't super exciting. There weren't many "wow" moments. There was a few twists, especially at the ending, which was one of my favorite parts. The book had a few nice messages, like how important love and affection is in life. I really liked how the Toms and Thumbelinas were used to convey those messages. I always enjoy finding a valuable lesson in what I read.

There were, though, a few things that were lacking.

First, the world building. I didn't see much of it. The book was set in the future, but I didn't get many specifics as to what the future was like or what the history behind the Lilliput project was. Looking back now, I can't remember if the reason behind the entire thing was explained or not. I would've liked knowing more about why the scientists created Thumbelina and the Toms and more about what their entire purpose was.
Also, the story wasn't riveting--it wasn't a "must-read." I liked it enough to say it's a nice book, but it didn't have the quality of a great read in my book.

Overall, Damselfly was an enjoyable enough book. Am I jumping up and down and saying "You need to read this! It's so GOOD?" No. But I did really like it and I think other readers would enjoy reading about the six-inch heroine who just wants to live her own life.


  1. This idea sounds like so much fun - wish it had lived up to the interesting premise. I'm still going to be reading it (for review), but I'll know to temper my expectations somewhat. Thanks for your review!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. It didn't quite live up to the premise for me, but I've seen that most people liked it more than me.

  2. I saw this one somewhere else but I can't remember... Anyway, this one sounds interesting but it seems like it maybe did not live up to everything it could have been. World building is a must have for a book like this.

  3. Seems Interesting. Just went on my GoodReads to read list!


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