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Tour Stop: Review ~ Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan

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Release date: October 29th, 2013
Publisher: TSW Books
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Available in Paperback, Kindle
Amazon (It's only $1.99!)

Synopsis via Goodreads:
All Moya Douglas wants to do is study hard, maintain her scholarship, and make her mother proud while attending college. She doesn’t have time for a boyfriend or going on dates arranged by her best friend. Moya doesn’t believe in love. And she has no intention of ever finding it.

Branden McCarthy is determined to change her views.

A selfless romantic who’s had his heart broken in the past, Branden is fascinated with Moya’s personality and hopes to develop something real with her-a connection so strong it’ll open her heart. But just when things start to work between the two, Branden’s secret threatens to get in the way.

Will Moya finally do the impossible and give love a chance with Branden, or will fear keep them apart?

Rated G for everyone. No strong language. No raunchy sex scenes throughout. This is a New Adult novel about finding love and oneself.
Source: I received a copy from the author for this tour in return for an honest review

What a short and sweet book! Impossibly Love had a great storyline, and I really liked how it progressed. I liked the Happily Ever After type ending that the characters deserved after the trouble they had sorting out their feelings for each other and after what Branden and his family had to go through. Also, surprisingly, I liked the length of it, even though I'm usually let down with how short some books are. This was the type of story that was just fit for a shorter number of pages.

The biggest thing I didn't like about this book was that it had that Indie feel I get from a lot of self-published books--meaning it seemed like a really good movie with bad acting and bad lines. The dialogue and the thoughts of the characters weren't quite convincing. I felt like the book could've been more. . .well-oiled. It could've moved more smoothly. A great story line and good characters that were already in place could've been even better if the book was written better.

The other big thing that kind of threw me off was the romance. More specifically, it was how quick Moya and Branden fell for each other. It was a bit too fast, and when they finally did say the "I love you's," I felt like they hardly even knew each other. I'm a lot more tolerant when it comes to romance like this than other people, but it felt off. The romance could've been developed more throughout the entire book.

Overall, it was a really nice story. And clean! I really like the New Adult genre, but since I prefer to read the cleaner novels, I don't get around to reading much NA. Impossibly Love is a refreshing contribution to the genre because it was cleaner.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a short, sweet, and simple love story.

Shane’s love for writing started the moment she picked up a Nancy Drew book. At a young age, she began writing short stories, divulging in a variety of genres; from comedy, drama, to horror and romance. She’s quite intrigued by the otherworldly or things otherwise deemed “impossible.”

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