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Blogger Spotlight ~ Erica from Friction to Fiction

If you want to be interviewed for a Blogger Spotlight, please go here. I'll send you a series of questions as soon as I can.

Because I didn't get to posting an interview last week, I decided to feature two interviews today! Check out the earlier blogger spotlight with Heather from The Turning Pages.

Today, I am featuring Erica from Friction to Fiction! 

About the Blogger

Erica is 15 years old, and she plays the viola and the piano. She loves to read, and she has millions of book boyfriends. ;)

Find her at her blog and on her Twitter, @ReadToLove.

(I added a few responses to her answers in purple.)

Hi Erica!

Hey Kaitlin!

First, describe your blog in three words.

Fun, Honestly opinionated, and gushing-about-books-a-lot.
[that was so not three words, haha!]

What makes your blog worth reading?

As much as I don’t like English class, reading is my passion. After I finish a book, there’s a jumble of thoughts going through my head and I have to get them down somewhere—and that somewhere is my blog. I like to promote and gush about books that aren’t extremely popular, but I will write reviews of big pub books too! I also have tours, interviews, and reviews scheduled in the upcoming weeks!

Awesome. :)

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Two Roads by L.M. Augustine! AHHH, I’m loving it so much! It’s so entertaining and heartbreaking at the same time.

I've heard that one is good!

Do you ever listen to audiobooks? Why or why not?

I’ve tried listening to audiobooks, but I just can’t do it! I think I get too distracted and I end up missing phrases or parts of the book. Plus, I love holding something physically in my hands while I read, so I’d choose regular books/ereader any day over audiobooks.

Me too. Audiobooks are just not as good as reading it yourself.

Who are three of your top three book boyfriends?

Oh gosh, this is going to be hard. I guess I would go with Caleb from the Significance series by Shelly Crane, Daemon from the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout, and Dante from the Dante Walker series by Victoria Scott!

Good choices! (Dante is in my top three. :) )

What qualities of a book boyfriend do you look for?

Ohhhh! They need to be charming and seriously hot ;) They can joke around, but they have to have a serious side to them.

Do you have any book/reading quirks?

My books are sacred to me. If anything at all happens to them, I get really mad and freak out a bit. I also can’t read sitting up in my bed, it’s not comfortable enough or something, but I can sit in a chair and read (yes, I’m totally weird).
Besides reading and blogging, what do you like to do for fun?

I’ve been playing viola since 3rd grade (so about 7 years) and piano since I was 7 (so about 9 years). I’m also trying to self-teach myself to play guitar. Occasionally I’ll try to sing or try to draw. Recently, I got into writing because of NaNoWriMo! Despite the fact that I didn’t win, I’m still trying to continue my story.

Now, time to gush about a book you love.
Pick one of your favorite books/series and answer the following questions about it.

What book is it and who is it by? 

The Covenant Series by Jennifer Armentrout.

Oh, good choice . . .

Why do you love it? 

I love it because all the characters in it are so witty and the plot of the entire series is so interesting with the world Jennifer created.

Why did you pick the book up and read it in the first place? 

I first read Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout because of the YA Crush Tourney (if you’re unfamiliar with it, go and saw Daemon as one of the crushes. From there, I joined twitter, and found out more about Jennifer Armentrout and then saw that she was in the middle of another series, the Covenant series. After reading many reviews the story really caught my attention, of course, with the mention of a dreamy (but distant) Aiden. So I picked it up and I’ve read up to the second to last book (but they’re all out now!!!).

Who is your favorite character from it and why? 

I would say this is easy because Aiden is totally up there as one of my top book boyfriends, but it’s split between him and Alex (the main character). Alex is hilarious with her sarcastic comments and care-free attitude, but you can tell she’s broken and I can’t help but understand and connect with her. Aiden, I can go on forever about him, but I’ll just say don’t hate him until you read some of his POVs that Jennifer wrote.

Rate the cover on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = horrible, 10 = absolutely amazing) 

I’d give these covers a 9. I love the varying colors in the series and the flower that means more than you’d think. They’re so beautiful, with the fire, and the water, and the smoke.

I love them too. They are gorgeous covers.

Thanks for letting me interview you. :)

Thank you for having me on your blog! It was great sharing my love for books with you and your readers.

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