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Blogger Spotlight ~ Heather from The Turning Pages

If you want to be interviewed for a Blogger Spotlight, please go here. I'll send you a series of questions as soon as I can.

Because I didn't get to posting an interview last week, I'm going to feature two bloggers this week! The next interview will be up later today.


Today, I am featuring Heather from The Turning Pages! 

About the Blogger

(I'll just tell you what she told me:)
"Let's see....I created Turning Pages in January of this year and in April my cousin/best friend teamed up to help me with it. We both have a passion for reading and writing so this blog is a way for us us share that with others."
Find Heather at her blog and on her Twitter, @heathersheff1.

(I added a few responses to her answers in purple.)

Hi Heather! 


First, describe your blog in three words.

Random, fun, bookish.

What makes your blog worth reading?

We try to bring some fun to our blog on a regular basis, but we also be as honest as possible with our reviews. Our Friday (bi-weekly) feature, FaceTime Friday is probably our favorite posts to work on. We have a lot of fun putting them together and we hope we can make others laugh with our random, sometimes off topic, banter and remarks. 

I will need to check that feature out!

What are you currently reading?

Currently reading The Drake Equation by Heather Walsh. It’s a contemporary love story. Check it out on Goodreads

Do you ever listen to audiobooks? Why or why not?

No, I’ve tried before but I have a terrible attention span when it comes to listening to others reading to me. It’s like “OOOHHH SQUIRREL”  (After typing that, I think squirrel is a weird word.)
However, if it’s a male with a foreign accent, like British, I might pay too much attention to the accent and not the words.

What is one of your favorite cover trends? Least favorite?

I’m not sure if I am answering this correctly, but for me, I am attracted to more brightly colored book covers than the darker ones. However, that isn’t true for every single book, but I like for a cover to leave me curious and asking questions about the book before I even look at the synopsis. Like I said, I probably answered this question completely wrong, but there isn’t anything in particular that comes to mind when it comes to cover trends. If it’s a book, I’ll give it a chance regardless of what I think about the cover. 

Nope. You didn't answer it correctly, but it's still okay. :)

Why read ______ books? [pick a genre/subgenre to fill in the blank]

Young adult. Because EVERYONE can relate to them in one way or another. They’re just awesome.

They are!

You have a blogoversary coming up, don’t you? Do you have any special plans to celebrate?

We do! Turning Pages will turn ONE on January 25th 2014. We are planning on a week long celebration with a few giveaways. 
 Hopefully it’ll be fun!

I'm looking forward to it. Blogoversaries are always fun.

Besides reading and blogging, what do you like to do for fun?

I am a sucker for going to the movies. It got to the point where the movie theater staff would recognize me. Seriously. I am a movie junky whether it’s watching DVDs at home or going to the local theater. Besides, Tuesdays my theater has $6 movies. 

I like to go antique shopping too. We have a few local antique shops around and it’s fun to go look and to also get ideas.

I'd probably like antique shopping too. It seems like something I would like to do.

Now, time to gush about a book you love.
Pick one of your favorite books/series and answer the following questions about it.


I know . . . it's really difficult.

What book is it and who is it by? 

Okay, since I can only choose just one I’ll go with…
Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Why do you love it? 

I love her entire Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series. The writing, in my opinion, really pulls me in and makes me feel as if I am right there along side of the characters. Clockwork Princess in particular gave me all the feels. I couldn’t put it down.

Even though I cried (a lot) I felt that this book was the perfect conclusion for the Infernal Devices. It’s definitely a book that stands out to me.

Why did you pick the book up and read it in the first place?

I preordered this book as soon as it was released and literally checked the mail as if my life depended on it while waiting for it to end. Basically, after finishing Clockwork Prince, I needed to know what happened.

Who is your favorite character from it and why?

This is hard. I have a special place in my heart for all of the characters in this book. Tessa, Will, Jem..

If I had to pick one, it would be Jem. He is selfless and loves unconditionally. I admire him and his strength. Even at his weakest, she proved to be one of the strongest.

I agree with you. I really like Jem. :) 

Rate the cover on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = horrible, 10 = absolutely amazing)


Thanks for letting me interview you. :)

Thank you for interviewing me 


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