Friday, December 6, 2013

Flash Twitter Giveaway!

Reading is My Treasure turns six months old on Sunday! Also, I nearly have 800 followers on Twitter. Also, the holidays are near. I feel like giving away a few books to celebrate and thank all of you who follow me on Twitter or read my blog posts!


These giveaways will happen on Twitter.
You RT the giveaway tweet and be following @KaitlinS16 to win.
There will be prizes for both international and US followers.
All giveaways end at 9pm PST (12am EST) on Sunday, December 8th

Giveaway 1 (INT)

Winners: 2
Prize: any ebook up to $5 from Amazon/B&N
Begins: the moment I reach 800 followers on Twitter OR sometime December 8th

Giveaway 2 (US only)

Winners: 1
Prize: any print book released from Amazon equal or lesser value to These Broken Stars ($12 at the moment) (you may choose a book releasing this Tuesday)
Begins: Sometime December 8th

Giveaway 3

I have signed Unbreathable bookmarks to give away, as well as a few others. I may or may not do a giveaway of those, but I haven't decided yet. (I'll let it be a surprise.)

Those are the giveaways! I just wanted to let you all know beforehand so you can keep a look out on Twitter if you would like to enter to win something.

Thank you to all of my Twitter followers. You are all awesome. :-)

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