Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review Copy Cleanup ~ Sign Up Post!

This challenge is perfect for me! This smaller challenge will help me read books towards the 2014 Review Pile Reading Challenge. I have a bunch of review copies to read and review in the next few months, so it would be nice to get ahead in them.

Find out more information on this challenge and sign up here!

I'm not going to set a number goal for this challenge. Instead, I just plan to read as many review copies as I can (and post their reviews).

These are my high priority books.
(I won Sound of Letting Go in a giveaway, but since it's still an ARC, I consider it a review copy.)

After I finish all of the above books, I will choose from the following March releases to read.

I'm really looking forward to the books I'm reading for this challenge! They look really good. Hopefully, I won't come across any greatly disappointing ones.


  1. Wow they all look like really good books, you have a nice lot to read! Happy reading!

    1. They do look like good ones. :) I'm excited to read them and post my reviews.

  2. Yeah, you got a LOT of good books! *PANIC, PANIC, PANIC!!!* Where do you get all your ARCs? Netgalley, Edielswiss (probably spelled wrong, sorry...), or directly from the publishers?

    1. Most of them are from Edelweiss. I get a lot of HarperCollins books on there. Two are from authors, one is from Netgalley, and one is directly from Scholastic.

  3. I have Perfect Lies on my list too. You have some great ARCs there! Good luck on the challenge and happy reading!

  4. Good luck with the challenge, hope you get to make a dent in the March releases as well! I am going to be reading Fire & Flood as well! I have heard some good and a few bad things about it, but hope we both enjoy it! :) Happy reading!

    New follower! :)

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate


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