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Blogger Spotlight ~ Crystal from Crystal in Bookland

Today, I am featuring Crystal from Crystal in Bookland! 

About the Blogger

Crystal is one of the most social bloggers I know. She is super cool and really nice. If you don't know who she is, then I suggest going over to Twitter to say hi or to stop by her blog. You won't regret getting to know her.☺

(I added a few responses to her answers in purple.)
Hi Crystal!

*waves* Hi Kaitlyn ♥♥

First, describe your blog in three words.

Colorful (because I like pretty, shiny things)
Random (because I just am a random person)
Exciting (because I get overly excited about most things, and it show)

What makes your blog worth reading?

Ummmm…EVERYthing ;-) LOL I don’t know what makes it worth reading, I mean it’s just all my madness and randomness thrown on a pretty page, but it entertains me! I still get excited anytime anyone reads and comments on something.

I do too.☺

What blogging plans do you have for 2014?

I’m going to do a challenge! Called Broaden Your Bookshelves. It’s a goal to read more genres! Everyone should come check it out!

Other than that, I’m participating in other challenges also, but mainly my plans for this year is just to try to be more organized and stay on track with reading and reviewing!

I'm in desperate need to be more organized, so that's my plan too.

What genres do you find yourself reading the most of (dystopia, contemporary, historical fiction, etc.)?

AH I used to read mainly YA Paranormal, but since I started blogging I have been reading a TON of YA Contemp, which is a shock. But I still do a mix of stuff, but mainly contemp lately. I think I can blame that on the fact that SO many are coming out that look awesome too though!

Yay for YA Contemporary!

What is one of your biggish bookish pet peeves?

Insta-love or a forced romance, whether it be just two people or a triangle. Insta-love 9 out of 10 times is an automatic DNF for me though. The only time I will make it through one is if the rest of the story is interesting enough to  keep me going. But when it happens by like Chapter 2...I’m out! Forced romance is also a big NO NO for me. I feel some authors think they HAVE to have romance to make a book and sometimes it’s just not needed. And FYI, we readers can tell when it’s forced and put there for that reason. Oh and I’ve recently discovered that I have HUGE issues with genres outside of romance (high fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, etc) having a plot that is completely overshadowed and second to a romance. That just shouldn’t happen. Sorry that’s more than one! LOL I’m just overly picky with my romance stuff while reading.

I'm no where near as picky as you, but I do see that insta-love and love triangles are a lot of bloggers' pet peeve.

Who is one of the best authors you’ve discovered since blogging?

Can I choose more than one?! I hope so! LOL

*Erin Albert, technically I met her before I started blogging through twitter, but she has become an awesome friend and she is such a great write!

*Rachel Harris, she was one of the authors I discovered VERY early on when I started blogging, and I will be forever happy that I did. She has some amazing talent with words and she is honestly one of the nicest people you will come by!

*Paula Stokes, I discovered her a little before blogging also. I won her book Venom, under her other name Fiona Paul, and it was the first book I reviewed for my blog! Since then we have chatted a good bit and I absolutely adore her!

Great choices! All three are really nice authors.

Now, time to gush about a book you love. 

O.O just one??

Pick one of your favorite books/series and answer the following questions about it.  

Oh man….let me think a minute….this is SUPER hard….

What book is it and who is it by?

OK I’m going to go with Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series because I’m obsessed with Adrian and can always chat about him ♥

Ooh, you picked good.

Why do you love it?

I completely adore all of Mead’s book but these two series will forever be my favorite! I started VA back in 2009 right after I read Twilight and was looking for another good vampire read. I never imagined that I would love this one so much more, and it put Twilight to shame. This vampire story was just so different compared to others out at that time and I was very captivated by the whole world and got very attached to the characters. Plus I mean Adrian….Dimitri...SWOON ♥♥

Why did you pick the book up and read it in the first place?

OOhhh I answered this above ;-)

Who is your favorite character from it and why?

ADRIAN! He is just perfect and hot and swoony and just *FLAILS* Seriously though, he is the perfect combo of swoony, sweet, hot, snarky male all rolled up together and I love him. You all have book boyfriends and I moved this guy up to book hubby because that’s how much love I have for this guy!

Adrian is amazing! He's at the top of my book boyfriends list.

Rate the cover on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = horrible, 10 = absolutely amazing)

OK so a 1….seriously, every single one of the covers are a 1 for me. They are just not my taste. When I bought the first one it took me a week to actually make the purchase. I kept going back and looking at it, then putting it down, because yea, I’m a cover snob. But then I would check the ratings and they were all so good, so I went ahead and bought book 1, even though I cringed the whole time...because the COVER….ew :-/  But I’m glad I did and the new covers released for VA are better, I’m even thinking about purchasing those, but now my old set has sentimental value SO IDK. SO the new ones I would give a 6-7, they are better but I’m not in love or anything.

I'm the opposite of you. I prefer the old VA covers a lot more to the new ones. I think I'm in the minority, though. :D

Thanks for letting me interview you. :)

Thank you for having me! Some of these questions were tough ones! But fun!

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