Monday, March 3, 2014

Mortal Gods Cover!

Kendare Blake has kindly asked bloggers (and non-bloggers, too) to share the cover of Mortal Gods, the next book in the Goddess War series! Of course, I was decided I needed to get in on this because all of her covers are gorgeous and I love to feature gorgeous covers on this blog. (It doesn't hurt that I could potentially win an ARC of Mortal Gods by sharing its cover. . . *hint hint*)

Ready for the cover? Let's do this countdown style (because I've always wanted to reveal a cover like that).

5. . .

4. . .

3. . .

2. . .

1. . .

Here it is!

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Cool looking, huh? I have yet to read Antigoddess, but I'm really looking forward to reading this sequel. It's the lightning. It piques my interest.

I've already decided that Mortal Goddess will join the rest of my Kendare Blake hardcovers after it releases in October. See? I've already made a space for it on my bookshelf!

No, that's not the real book--it's just a piece of paper.

Lastly, here's the paperback cover of Antigoddess, in case you haven't seen it yet!

What do you think of the covers of The Goddess War series?

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