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Thursday Thoughts ~ Library or Bookstore?

Thursday Thoughts is a brand new feature that Ashley at Ok, Let's Read has created. It's basically a weekly discussion feature on certain topics. Since I've been wanting to get into writing more discussion posts, I thought it would be a great idea to join. (You may find more details and a list of future topics here.)
"Each week I will post a new, conversational post talking about a specific, book-related topic. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join! The whole point of Thursday Thoughts is to hear different points of view and opinions, otherwise I would have just kept it for myself! All I ask is that you put a link to Ok, Let's Read somewhere on your post so that other's can join in if they would like. In addition to that, each week my post will have a Linky widget on the bottom so that we can all link up, read each other's posts and hopefully spark some quality conversation!"
This week's topic:
March 20: Library Vs. Bookstore - Do you go to the library or the bookstore more often? Do you prefer one over the other and why? When it comes to bookstores, do you prefer chain stores or used book stores? Do you care about the condition of a book you purchase?/Do you ever buy used/scratch and dent?
I'm going to tackle Ashley's questions one by one.

Do you go to the library or the bookstore more often?

Hands down, I go to the library more often. I've gone to my school library (I never go to the county one) practically every school day this school year. First of all, the library is a good place to go during lunch and get work done/print papers/read/etc. I also just spent an entire trimester as a library TA, so not only was I in the library, but I was behind the desk, scanning books, doing inventory, preparing new books for checkout, reading, making book lists, and reading. I never check out books, though. I've probably lent out more books in the last few months than I have borrowed from the library all school year. 

I go to the bookstore there occasionally. It's a bit out of the way, but I like to go there and check out the used books and buy a book once in awhile. Most of my book buying is done online, though, so I don't get a lot of books at actual bookstores.

Do you prefer one over the other and why?

Since I've actually worked in a library (and got a grade for it!), I have to say I prefer libraries. 

When it comes to bookstores, do you prefer chain stores or used book stores?

Um. Well, I hardly ever go to used book stores. I never go to chain ones either. This is really sad, but I've only been to a chain book store (Barnes & Noble) two or three times, and none of those times were even to the one that is in the city next to mine (which is less than an hour away). I went to one in California when I visited family and one in Portland when I went to a state conference. The only bookstore I really go to is the small indie bookstore in town . . . 

I really need to get out more, don't I?

Do you care about the condition of a book you purchase?/Do you ever buy used/scratch and dent?

Not really. I buy used books all the time! Most of them are in pretty good condition, and quite a few books look used after they've been on my bookshelf awhile anyway. The only used books I avoid are old library hardbacks. Those things drive me nuts--I really don't like having the jacket in the plastic and taped to the book. 

Here are some books I got used:
I bought Article 5 as a scratch & dent on for only two or three dollars. I expected it to be show heavy signs of wear, but other than a crease on the cover (it may be hard to tell in the picture, but that's the line between the E and the 5 in the title) and the black dot that marks it as used, the book arrived in perfect condition. 

I bought Reboot off of Bookoutlet too. this is another thing that I try to avoid in used books: smudged up covers. (See the white spots on the cover?) The surprise that I found on the title page totally makes up for it, though!

See? Old library book with it's plastic covering, stickers, and stamps. Ew. (I absolutely adore the book, though.)

Now it's your turn! How would you answer some of these questions?


  1. You're so lucky to have worked in your school library. To be honest, I really wish I would've been more into books like I am now back when I was in high school. Then again, my high school library was kind of small and didn't have a very good selection. Regardless, I'm jealous. :P I actually forgot about school libraries all together when writing my post!

    You should totally stop by Barnes & Noble soon, even if you don't buy anything. Being in that store and just looking through all the books seriously just peps up my spirits (The same way that being in a library does, except every book in the store is gorgeous and immaculate!) and puts me in a good mood. Plus, there's Starbucks!

    Great post. Thank you so so so much for participating in Thursday Thoughts, Kaitlin!! You're the best. :D

    1. I will definitely go to Barnes & Noble soon! The few times I've been in one have been amazing--there's so many books to look at!

      You're welcome, Ashley. :) I really like this feature.

  2. I actually prefer library hardbacks. You can read the dust jacket on without worrying about ripping it. I love libraries. They have been my main source of books for many years.

    I love going into Barnes and Noble, but I often don't go just because I can't afford to buy books. I don't blame you for never going to book stores.

    I'm currently volunteering at a library and I absolutely love it. I get to shelve books, help with craft prep, and other various activities. I enjoy it so much. I actually call it my free therapy because while I'm at the library I just relax and not think about all the stress college creates.

    1. I would love to volunteer at the library during college--I would probably consider it my free therapy too!

  3. I prefer the public library. I can get any book in there that I want for free and I don't feel so bad if I don't like the book. I actually feel like I have to like the books that I bought because well, they're an investment.

    I am willing to go to any book store, doesn't matter if it is chain or not. Books are books, if they aren't badly damaged, I will buy them for what I feel is a reasonable price. Say, I won't pay 3 dollars for a book that is very worn out. I have had the misfortune of buying a new book online and when it arrived, the front cover ripped when I opened the package. The seller had the bright idea of putting glue all over the inside of the package too so the cover got stuck to it. I was ready to strangle the person that did it. I would have too if they didn't live in some other state!

    1. Ouch. I've never had that happen with one of the used books I've bought. Most are in pretty good shape! I would've been as upset as you were if that happened, though. Poor book. :(

  4. Very cool discussion post! As for me, I'd have to go to the bookstore, but only for the sole reason that our libraries here in the Philippines don't really cater much to the Young Adult audience, and would probably be full of stuff for the academe. I'm not sure why but it gives that impression A LOT. I'm sure there'a a Harry Potter in there somewhere, but I've read those already, and honestly, we don't have many libraries here and most are in very poor condition. Yeesh.

    With that said, I rarely go for used books. I don't know why but I feel proud to be the owner of a brand new one. But but but I'd gladly go to a public library with a treasure trove of YA if that was an option. Unfortunately it is not The Social Potato Reviews

    1. That's sad that it's not an option. :( Public libraries are a pretty good source for books (well, if there's a good selection). Being the proud owner of a new book is awesome, though--I personally prefer being the owner of the books that I read.

      Thank you, Faye!

  5. It's about a tie for me. I have an amazing public library, and I request a lot of books from them. But there's also nothing like going to the bookstore - that new book smell and all those glossy covers.

    1. Oh, new books are so nice. I love a cover when it's brand new. :)

  6. Great post Kaitlin! I like my books to be in perfect condition, when I buy books brand new from the bookstore I always check that there's no smudges, creases or stains anywhere. I do buy used books from the bookfest but make sure they are in the high quality section. I don't visit libraries much, simply because the review books and books on my shelf are enough for me to read, but I still love them.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    1. That's part of the reason why I don't visit libraries much--I have so many books at home to read! Thank you, Jeann. :)

  7. Great meme, may have to take part in this next week! I work in my boroughs Central library so I clearly spend more time there. I borrow a ton of books, especially since I am responsible for ordering in books and make sure I order stuff that looks good/I would want to read. Our YA section is amazing!

    I hate damaged books. I buy used books and go to charity shops in London because you get some amazing books there for so cheap. But I like my used books to be in good condition. The books on my bookshelf are pristine because I am far too careful with them. I have some OCD when it comes to books lol

    I have fallen in love with Book Depository, it's so much cheaper than the bookshops here and plus it has FREE shipping!!! It's my new best friend! :)

    1. Ah, I wish I had an amazing YA selection at my library! It sounds like heaven.

      I try to be careful with my books, but they tend to get a little damaged after spending awhile on my shelves. I have one bookshelf and its crammed full!

      I LOVE free shipping. I try to avoid paying shipping at all costs.


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