Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts ~ Uh-Oh, It's Insta-Love!

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This week's topic:
March 27: Insta-Love - Does insta-love kill a book for you? Are there instances where insta-love is okay? Have you read a book with insta-love in it? Did you like or dislike that book?
This topic is actually pretty tough for me to decide on. I'm conflicted with where I stand on insta-love. I've become a lot less tolerant of it after I started blogging, but it's still not as big of a deal to me as it is for most readers.

Does insta-love kill a book for you?

It's rare for one thing to kill a book for me. There's so many things that go into a story--world building, character development, plot, themes--and if one thing doesn't work for me very much, I usually focus on something else that I really like. So, there's almost always something that makes up for that part that didn't work for me.

That said, insta-love almost never kills a book for me. Like I said before and as I'll explain below, I'm way more tolerant of insta-love than most people. I don't run from it and I don't heavily criticize it.

Are there instances where insta-love is okay?

To me, insta-love is when two characters meet, feel an instant connection, and fall in love really quickly. The kind that doesn't work for is this one: sees each other, instant attraction, one or two conversations (not deep ones, though), kissing, some talking, more kissing, the I-love-yous. Oh, and there has to be little to no chemistry between the characters. The bad insta-love, the kind that annoys me, is the kind where the two barely even speak to each other before they realize they're in love. They have to develop a connection with one another and do something (dates, deep talk, question games--you know, getting to really know one another) besides kissing or things like that. 

Insta-love works for me if I can see where the love is coming from and why it's there. I have to feel the connection between the characters to believe that they've fallen for each other so quickly. I also need to see the two characters talking or signs that they are falling for one another. 

Most of the time, insta-love does work for me. Of course, there are times where I can't stand it, times where the I-love-you's are said and I throw my hands up and say, "why the heck are they saying I love you already?!" It takes a lot (or little, really) for me to reach that point, though.

Have you read a book with insta-love in it?

Yes, definitely. YA books usually have at least some romance in it, so insta-love does pop up quite often. 

The first book with insta-love (well, mostly) that comes to mind is Cruel Beauty. The romance in that book was actually what I had in mind when I was writing out what insta-love is for me. The romance didn't really have that instant attraction or as much talking, but when Nyx had her first thoughts/feelings of love for one of the characters (pretty early in the book, too), I just didn't see why she was feeling that way or where the love was coming from. So, it felt like a really annoying insta-love. 

Did you like or dislike that book?

I both loved and hated it! Basically, the parts I loved made Cruel Beauty feel like a five-star read and the parts I hated (mainly the romance, which was an important part of the book) made it feel like a one-star read. I had so many conflicting feelings about the book, which you can read more about in my review if you're curious about them.

That's all for this week's Thursday Thoughts! Next week's post is on Books to Movies, so be sure to come back and see what my thoughts on that topic.

Before you go, I have a question: what do you think of insta-love?


  1. You're right that it takes a lot of things to make a book. I also find that it's rarely one thing that will kill a book for me. If the world-building is great, I'll tolerate a lot of other problems just so I spend more time in that world!

  2. I like slow building relationships, but I don't think instalove will make me dislike a book. Keeping in mind that most of my reads are paranormal or fantasy books, that alone makes me considerate with characters having instalove. Thinking it was not their fault, it was their nature's fault. :)

    1. That's a good way of looking at it. :)

  3. I find that insta-love totally depends on how the author writes. Usually I hate it because I think they get it wrong but there are the occasional times where it just works. I prefer the love-hate relationships because they tend to be funnier with the constant banter and I really love the building of chemistry. Great discussion!


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