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Thursday Thoughts ~ Book to Screen Adaptations

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This week's topic:
April 3: Books to Movies - Do you enjoy book to movie adaptations? Do you have any favorite book to movie adaptations? Does it make you mad when movies do not perfectly follow the book (i.e. taking out plot points, characters not looking like you pictured them, etc.)? Do you mind seeing the movie before reading the book?
Do you enjoy book to movie adaptations?

Eh . . . sometimes. I usually end up at least liking the movie because I liked the book and therefore the story the movie is based on.

Do you have any favorite book to movie adaptations? 

My favorites for books I have read are The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, all of the Harry Potter movies, The Great Gatsby, and I am Number Four.

My favorites for books I haven't read are all of the Lord of the Rings movies, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Les Miserables, The Lovely Bones, and  Water for Elephants.

And, if you're wondering, here are the book to movie adaptations I was disappointed in (varying from a only little bit to very disappointed):

Does it make you mad when movies do not perfectly follow the book (i.e. taking out plot points, characters not looking like you pictured them, etc.)?

I'm okay with changes (eventually), but I do get irritated when a ton of changes are made (mostly that's when they mess with the plot and add new things or take away the most important parts). That happened so much in Beautiful Creatures, and I noticed every little detail because I had just finished rereading it the day I saw the movie (horrible idea, by the way). It drove me nuts. 

I also don't like it when the ending is changed--I just really prefer the movie's ending to stay the same as in the book. The biggest reason (and one of the only) that I was disappointed in The Golden Compass was the ending. I believe it was only changed a little bit, but it really irritated me because a really important detail was changed (which would've been really important if there was a sequel, but alas, there wasn't).

While I'm watching a movie, I usually get irritated with alterations to the details. I eventually become okay with them, but they still annoy me. Like Riley in Beautiful Creatures. One of the friends I saw the movie with had also read the book, but one of the only things that she could remember about it was that there was a witch who always sucked on a lollipop. And I don't think she was ever shown with a lollipop--at least never more than once. It's seems like such a small detail, but it's a pretty big one when it comes to the character.

Do you mind seeing the movie before reading the book? 

If I intend to read the book, I would rather read it before seeing the movie. I tend to prefer whichever version I get to know first. For example, I read the The Great Gatsby months after seeing the movie, and I didn't like reading it nearly as much as watching the film adaptation. Same thing with Blood and Chocolate and How to Deal. I read books both movies were based off of soon after watching the films, and didn't end up enjoying reading them very much. Just as I usually end up comparing the movie to the book I am familiar with, I compare the book version of the story to the movie one. And almost every time, I prefer the version that first introduced me to the story.

Now it's your turn! How would you answer some of these questions?


  1. Definitely agreed with reading the book before seeing the movie. The book is usually better and you can usually gauge if the movie did well or not. I don't think Beautiful Creatures or City of Bones were good movies either, and Twilight was appalling! Great discussion Kaitlin.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    1. Thanks! It's so disappointing when movies aren't very good ones. :( I liked some parts of City of Bones, but overall, I didn't think it was that good of a film adaptation. Which is sad.

  2. I actually read Beautiful Creatures recently but still need to watch the movie. It's so sad when you read a book and have this image in your head but then when the movie comes out, it's nothing like you imagined. Great post!

    1. Yes, it is! I think we wish the movie will be just as good as the books, and the discovery that it isn't is a big letdown. Thanks!

  3. For me, I try my best to read the book first before watching the movie because I just love that feeling you get when you see the movie and you've already read the book. I haven't seen City of Bones yet and Beautiful Creatures and I'm for sure not going to read and watch Beautiful Creatures because idk...the plot seems corny to me lol. For City of Bones, I'm kinda scared to give the book and movie a chance because I feel like I'm going to be disappointed since I did not enjoy Clockwork Angel. Twilight was disappointing for me as well...the book was sooo much better, ugh.

    1. True. When I was reading The Great Gatsby, I felt like I had already read the book because I had already seen the movie. That may be why I usually don't like the book as much as if I read it after I've seen the film. Beautiful Creatures is . . . okay. Actually, I really liked the book, but it's really, really not memorable for me. So I don't blame you for not reading it. As for City of Bones, I suggest giving the book a try. I didn't like Clockwork Angel as much as the rest of Cassandra Clare's books. And I agree, Twilight made a way better book than movie.

  4. I prefer reading the book before watching its tim adaption, especially if it's a long series. Because in that case, you may get bored when you go back to read the book as everything happens much slower and not as action packed so to speak (which is exactly the reason I still couldn't bring myself to finish the Harry Potter series, someday though!) City of Bones has such a terrible cast... I don't think I liked any of the actors/actresses except for Clary and Magnus...but that is far from enough. Interesting discussion Kaitlin!

    Angel @ Spare Reads

  5. YAY!!! I HATED The Golden Compass film, they just took Northern Lights and absolutely ruined it. Such an amazing book and then they go and make that. I was less than impressed. I can't believe I forgot The Lovely Bones, that was a really great adaptation in my opinion. You picked some really great movies this week, I enjoyed all the ones you loved too! Here's my post.

    1. The Golden Compass is no where as good as the book, and I wish it was! Such an amazing book needs either an amazing movie or no movie at all.

  6. I always read the book before the movie. If it's a movie I want to see and I happen to figure there is a book first, then I won't watch it till I've read it. Hence meaning I still need to watch/read Silver Linings Playbook, Harry Potter and all Lord of the Rings. I did see The Help and Water for Elephants first, but of those two, the only one I want to read is the Help.

    My problem with book to film adaptions is that I always notice what is left out. Later on with Divergent too. The ones I loved were the Hunger Games, which in both cases I am able to say were better than the book, although I didn't like the books much. I thought Twilight was a pretty good adaption. Percy Jackson - they screwed up completely.

    But what I do like about these things is that I am able to hold the movie away from the book if I chose to. Yes I will make comparisons and get severely irritated. But I think City of Bones and Percy Jackson are okay films. Just don't put them alongside the book. Then they are rubbish.

    So I want book to film adaptions to happen. Often I will hate them but love them. This response turned out be way longer than expected, sorry :P


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