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Blogger Spotlight ~ Jessica from Fly to Fiction

I hope you guys are up to reading interviews this week! I have a bunch to post in the next week or so.
Today, I'm featuring one of my favorite book bloggers:

Jessica is the sole blogger for Fly to Fiction, where she not only posts about books, but also about movies, tv shows, music, dance, and more. She is also part of the Lit Up Review team, which includes four other teens.

Since introductions are not my strong suit, I'll just let the Jessica's interview speak for itself! You'll learn a lot about her in her responses.

(I added a few responses to her answers in purple.)

Hi Jessica!

Hey, Kaitlin! Thanks for having me on your blog today! :)

If you could convince me to buy any book and read it right now, which book would that be and why?

So many books! Hmm...I think I would, at the moment, go with Open Road Summer by Emery Lord. I just find it so perfect in almost every way, and I highly recommend it. I feel like it’s the epitome of contemporary YA in a way that’s similar to, yet very different from Sarah Dessen. The book encompasses so much--from body image, friendship, family, romance, anger, sadness, happiness, summertime, fame, and to music. There’s just so much in this book, but it’s all perfectly balanced. It’s truly one of my favorite books, and that’s what I’m raving about right now.

I had a feeling you would pick that one. :D

What is a trend in YA that you are sick of and what is one that you love at the moment?

Hmm...well, I’m certainly over most paranormal books, but I think those are not trending as much anymore anyway. I don’t know if this counts, but I feel like there’s still a trend of girls being subservient to guys in literature, and I just want to see more realistic women portrayed in books.

A sort-of trend that I’m loving at the moment is the push for more diversity in YA. I definitely think there are still many, many issues, which is why I’m not going to say that it is, definitely, a trend. I think it’s more that people are trying harder to push for diversity. But beyond that, in terms of a true trend, I love how contemporary YA is still going strong, and there are so many books that are out and that are coming out that are new and fresh and awesome. Also, I don’t know if it’s really a trend, but I think there are slightly more historical fiction books coming out, and that really excites me. I just want to see more diversity in historical fiction too! Basically, just more diversity of every kind. ;)

I'm loving the push for diversity too!

What has been one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had as a blogger?

Oh, this is a tough one because there have been SO many memorable experiences.

I think overall, I’ve just enjoyed the support and love that I’ve received from this community. Sure, there are a lot of flaws in our community, but for me, I’ve mostly only found incredibly supportive, kind, diverse, unique people. I have loved the internet community for so long, and that’s only grown stronger now that I’ve started blogging.

But a more specific experience (I’m going to go with two) would probably be the What’s In the Snow? event I co-hosted with Cal @ Read Books and Live Green and the recent surprise birthday celebration a bunch of bloggers put together for my 17th birthday. In terms of the event I co-hosted with Cal, it was just so enjoyable to work with so many amazing bloggers, many whom I met because of the event, especially Cal! I think it really helped me expand, and everyone was so supportive of my blog switch, as I was going through that process at the same time. It was just so fun, and Cal and I are now really close because of it.

The other event was the birthday surprise, which will always stick with me from now on. You know, I’ve always wanted my friends to throw a surprise birthday party for me, and for me, this was like an online version of that. I’m so grateful for everyone that was a part of that. I go through these spurts of really low self-esteem all the time, and sometimes I just feel so alone in the world, but things like this remind me that so many people care about me and consider me a friend. You know, not everyone has the money to buy and send a gift, but this went beyond all of that because it was from the heart. Each post was centered around something I loved, and you know, I love each of the bloggers that was a part of it too. :)

I'm glad you loved the birthday surprise. :)

I see you’re on a good number of street teams. What is one of your favorite things about being a part of those?

Ooo, there are so many awesome things about being on street teams. One of my favorite things is just interacting with the author, getting behind-the-scenes info, and I can’t pretend that there aren’t perks like getting swag, which is always awesome. I think it’s just nice to be with others that are also helping the author/book, and I just think that that’s so amazing. I never would have thought that it was possible to be so in contact with authors until I started blogging!

What is one of the best parts of having your own blog and being a part of a group blog at the same time?

I love this question! What I love is that I can have my own posts, my own ideas, my own events, etc and to do things whenever and however I want on my own blog. I don’t have to worry about being held accountable in some ways. It’s harder in that I still have a hard time getting traffic and viewers/readers on my blog, but it’s nice to be flexible with what I want to do.

I love being part of a group blog because I love the collaboration that’s involved. We all work together, and I love the other girls that I’m blogging with at Lit Up Review. We’re all really different, and I’m closer to some than to others, but I think it’s a really nice, supportive, creative environment. I definitely think that it’s helping me to grow as a blogger, and it’s exposing me to a different experience. I am constantly learning from the other bloggers. I’m actually the oldest in our group, but I’m also the youngest blogger in that I’ve been blogging for the shortest amount of time. While it can make things difficult at times because we’ll plan to read a book for Spotlight Book Club, but I’ll be the only one that doesn’t have the book or something, but I think it’s nice to work with bloggers that are more experienced and that have a wider audience than I do. You know, it’s just fun to work with the other girls, and it’s definitely easier in terms of not having to post constantly. We schedule ahead so that we have a post a week, and that’s definitely less stressful than having to write ALL of the blog posts, if that makes sense.

(Shameless self promotion, you should really check out Lit Up Review!)

What is your favorite type of music and why?

All the tough questions, Kaitlin! I’m really eclectic in my music tastes, so this is so hard for me to answer! I guess that if you think about types of music as slightly different than genres of music, I like songs that have emotion, that make me think, and that have meaningful lyrics. Of course, melody is a part of it, but I love it when an artist sings from the heart and connects to me as a listener. (Also, the artist/group has to, generally, sing well live. I have one or two exceptions, but for the most part, I want real talent, not someone who’s voice has been so cleaned up in the studio.) So I guess I’m taking a different spin on this question than you probably intended. ;)

(Also, if this counts, I think I’d also go with singer-songwriters. They amaze me, and I really look up to them.)

You actually answered this perfectly! That's the "type" of music that I was referring to.

How long have you been a dancer?

Yay! A dance question! It can be slightly complicated to explain, but I’ll break it down by style of dance.

I started dancing in general when I was 3, I believe. I used to dance traditional Chinese dance at my preschool. I started ballet perhaps when I was 5, but at my studio, you start with ballet-gym (gymnastics). I think I started taking just ballet when I was 7 or 8. I started pointe when I was 13. I started taking modern two (school) years ago, so when I was 15. Then, I got onto competition team this year, so I’ve been doing competition jazz, modern, and lyrical for almost a school year now.

So much dancing! I can definitely see that it's a big part of your life.

I don’t watch many tv shows, but I’m always looking for ones to try out. What do you recommend?

Something else I LOVE talking about! I love these questions.

I watch a large variety of shows and many of them started off great but are kinda not so great anymore, but I’ll recommend some that I love, whether I think they’ve gotten worse or not.

1) Orphan Black--I don’t know if you’ve seen, but I’m obsessed with this show right now. If you’re not watching it, WHY NOT?! It’s one of the few shows that exist that have almost no flaws, at least to me. It’s intense, but there’s also character development. And the cast is so incredibly talented, particularly Tatiana Maslany.

2) Doctor Who--I will leave my opinions on particular matters out of this, but I love this show!

3) NCIS:LA--There are mixed opinions about this show, but I love it. It’s still fresh, and the characters are all so unique but blend together to complete one cohesive group. Love their banter, and it’s just a fun show to watch.

4) Psych--Truly a unique show, this combines comedy with a crime show and has almost everything in between. I love the references they have to pop culture and to the 80s. They have amazing guest stars every season, and the cast and crew have done so much for the fans. It’s really a fan-driven show at the end of the day.

5) NCIS--This used to be my favorite show, and I do still enjoy the show. :)

6) Fringe--Ahh, Fringe. The show is over, but it’s like my baby. It’s come a long way, and it’s gone through some tough times, particularly in the middle, but the show pulled through. There’s such a diverse cast of characters, and their interactions are what really make the show what it is--besides the awesome, strange science that I still get confused about. hahaha!

7) Graceland--This new show is so awesome! It’s really unique, and it’s so action-packed! Great summer show.

(I’m always available to talk about more shows, so there’s more!)

*Hides face* I haven't seen any of those. BUT I'm going to try Orphan Black soon.

Thank you for answering my questions!

Again, thanks for having me, Kaitlin! And thanks for these awesome questions. I had a fun time answering them! :)



  1. Oh I love me some Fringe! I miss it too!

    1. Woohoo! Fringe love! So sad it's over

  2. ARGH NCIS. I haven't watched an episode past the one where Ziva left. I'm still too upset. It used to be one of my favorites and I just can't handle it.

    1. Ugh, I totally understand. With the exception of a few episodes, you're not missing much, to be honest. The new girl, Ellie Bishop, is so not at the level of the others and especially not to Ziva. Sighh.

  3. I've only watched NCIS. O_O

    Ooo, and you got a new look! I think it's been forever since I came by...

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. I highly recommend some of the other shows, especially Orphan Black! :)

  4. I loved your post Kaitlin! Jessica sounds like a really interesting person.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog earlier <3

    Olivia @ fictionallyobsessed.blogspot.ca

    1. Thanks, Olivia! Kaitlin knew how to ask the right questions, I think. ;)

  5. I'm finally getting around to commenting on this! Thank you so much, Kaitlin, for this awesome interview! I really had a fun time answering the questions, and I think you knew all the right questions to ask. Thanks again for featuring me, Fly to Fiction, AND Lit Up Review! (PS You should totally watch Orphan Black!)

    1. I'm so glad I got to interview you. :) I was hoping that I had the right questions! (I will definitely watch Orphan Black soon.)


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