Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cover Reveal ~ Cassia Know My Name by Juliet Pierce

I'm helping an indie author share the cover for her newest book today! It's a really cool looking YA dystopia that I think some of you will want to look into. The cover is pretty awesome too. ☺

Cassia Know My Name by Juliet Pierce
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A powerful class of people were taken captive from the concrete city of Regenesis. A small remnant survives in captivity in the Balka dungeon. No one knows they are there. It’s been twenty four years.

In this dystopian saga, sixteen-year-old Cassia is part of that remnant. Disguised as a boy, she bears the brand of the Balka seal as proof that she belongs to them.

But her true identity is revealed in the concrete city where she travels as a prisoner. Here, she discovers secrets and plots that threaten to overthrow generations of monarchy. 

In the midst of her plight, she finds herself torn between two boys, each from a different world: Gildon, the handsome prince of the Balka kingdom, and Dolph, a mysterious boy whose eyes can see into her soul.

Author Juliet Pierce introduces us to the first book in The Cassia series--dystopian thrillers with unexpected twists, heartbreaking choices, and an ultimate romance that will leave you breathless.

What do you think of the cover and synopsis?


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