Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview with Nicole Brinkley, Editor of YA Interrobang

Today, I get to share with you an interview with Nicole Brinkley! She's the editor-in-chief of YA Interrobang, a digital magazine that focuses on YA lit. Here's her bio from the website:
Nicole has blonde hair and a love of dragons. The rest changes without notice. / You can contact her at or on Twitter at @nebrinkley. She also runs Fuck Yeah! Young Adult Lit, and formerly blogged at WORD for Teens. She is also in charge of all YA Interrobang social media accounts and currently also acts as graphic designer. Yes, she wears many hats. Friend her on Goodreads.

Hi Nicole!

First of all, tell me a little bit about YA Interrobang and what you do as as an editor.

YA Interrobang is a digital magazine, released every other Sunday, that focuses on everything to do with young adult literature. We write author features, cover events, keep everybody updated on news, and do a lot of other cool things. It's a lot of fun and I'm loving every minute of it. As editor, I - obviously - edit the pieces of my writers, but I also assign them, and write pieces, and manage all the social media accounts, and create graphics, and wear many, many hats.

What was one of your most memorable experiences you had as a blogger?

I went nuts when I found out my WORD for Teens interview had been quoted on the back of Thief's Covenant and False Covenant. I love Ari Marmell's series and I never expected they'd even notice the review!

What would you like to see more of in YA and what would you like to see less of?

I'm a sucker for high fantasy, so if that were the next big thing, I wouldn't protest! I'd also love to see more diversity - more characters of color, more characters of various religions, more queer characters, more fat characters, more everything. I'd like less covers with dead white girls in dresses.

Who is one of your favorite authors and why?

Julie Kagawa! I haven't read a single book of hers that I haven't liked, and her newest novel Talon has dragons. I'm a sucker for dragons. She's also wonderfully friendly and funny, and creates the most beautiful clay figurines.

What was the last book you read and absolutely loved?

It takes a lot for me to truly love a book! The last book I read and liked was Cruel Beauty, which I read last month. The last book I read and truly adored was Leigh Bardugo's Siege and Storm, which seems like forever ago! But it enchanted me and made me love Shadow and Boneeven more - and I have the collector's edition of Ruin and Rising pre-ordered already.

What is a 2014 debut that you can’t wait to read?

I already mentioned Rosamund Hudge's Cruel Beauty. I'm super excited to sink my teeth into Andrea Hannah's Of Scars and Stardust, Lori M. Lee's Gates of Thread and Stone, Amber Lough's The Fire Wish, Vicki L. Weavil's Crown of Ice - all fantasies!

If you could live in any book world, which would you want to live in?

Anne McCaffrey's Pern! Give me golden dragons and singing Harpers any day.

Lastly, can you recommend a really novel with dragons in it for me?

Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight, Julie Kagawa's upcoming Talon, Rachel Hartman's Seraphina. I also recommend Mari Mancusi's Scorched and CJ Hill's Slayers, though I haven't had a chance to read either yet. 

Thanks for answering my questions!


  1. Great interview! I love that blog

  2. I really loved Cruel Beauty too! I haven't read Siege and Storm because I'm not really a fantasy reader, but maybe I'll check it out.

    1. Thanks for reading the interview, Leigh. :) (You should definitely read Siege and Storm! Well, go with Shadow and Bone first.)


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