Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Random List of Things I Would Like to Accomplish as a Blogger

I went off to read but suddenly felt like making a list of things I want to do or accomplish while I'm a blogger. I like reaching milestones and trying out new things in the blogosphere. Experiencing new things at least once is big for me (at least, when it comes to reading and blogging).

Without further ado, here's my list! It's not listed in any particular order.

- Reach 88 email followers (I'm halfway there!)
- Reach 888 total blog followers (because 8 is my favorite number!)
- Switch my commenting system to CommentLuv
- Receive my first print ARC from an email request
- Find a way to get approved by Simon & Schuster on Edelweiss more (I'm determined to improve my luck with them)
- Start reviewing print ARCs and giving them away on my blog
- Request print ARCs more frequently
- Participate in another giveaway hop
- Do a mystery box type giveaway
- Give away something book-related (not an actual book or swag--more like a movie or a bookish necklace)
- Organize a giveaway including post links (like this)
- Get one of my book signed at an author event (I would need to send my book to someone because signings are never in my area)
- Start interviewing authors on a weekly basis and STICK TO IT (I've tried this before and I've never kept it up for long)
- Receive an unsolicited ARC/other copy from a publisher that I have received review copies from (there's not much I can actually do to achieve this...)
- Write a really awesome guest post for another blogger and send it to them in a timely fashion
- Catch up on reviews and get back to posting them on time
- Trade a book with someone (this is why I have books up for trade here)
- Get into the habit of publicizing my blog posts better
- Join another blog or site where I can write an occasional guest post/review/discussion post
- Make better banners (or get them made) for the features/memes I post
- Host a really cool and fun event in my birthday month (October)
- Branch out and star reading more adult books
- Join a Secret Santa type program (aside from the one I'm participating in right now)
- Write more reviews/posts with gifs in them because they're really fun
- Host a giveaway on Instagram
- Reach 200 followers on Instagram
- Host a Twitter party/chat
- Interview a book character
- Interview a publicist about his/her job
- Reach 200 "yes" votes on my Amazon reviews
- Reach at least 90% helpful on Amazon
- Write a monthly recap post at least three months in a row
- Buy a copy of a book in a bookstore just for the sake of sending it to someone else
- Buy (or win, I guess) a reading-related tote bag
- Read all the debut books from the authors I featured in my Class of 2014 event
- Create a playlist to go with a book and post it
- Read two whole novels in one day
- Binge-read a whole series without reading any books in between
- Post a movie review
- Continue having fun blogging
- Continue to write random posts just because I feel like it
- Continue avoiding posting anything without including at least one picture/gif . . . 

so, yeah, that's why I'm including this random Supernatural gif:

What are some things you would like to accomplish as a blogger?


  1. Me and Jessica are trying to accomplish growing our blog. Right now we are still pretty small follower wise. Also requesting physical ARCs, and giveaways. We also want to do more giveaways once we receive ARCs, new releases, ect. I love your list though, a lot of them are personal goals of mine too as well! . :)

    Amber @ The Book Bratz

  2. These are some neat goals. Some of which I have in mind for myself. Good luck!

  3. You have some super awesome goals! I see some on this list that I definitely want to achieve as well!

  4. Wow, those are some great goals! I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing them! And if you ever host more amazing events or have a twitter chat, I would love to participate. :D

  5. LOVE these goals- I agree with so, so many of them too. I definitely long for the day I get a print ARC- it seems like the "holy grail" of blogging, no? And an unsolicited ARC.. well that's like Christmas or something! One of my goals (especially short term) is to do some kind of unique giveaway, one that is just fun and different. And I want to have a HUGE blogoversary event. And, you know, the ARC thing ;) Good luck with all your goals!

  6. OH! I'd love to get accepted by Harper Teen.
    I'd love to trade! I have a stack I need to get up on the exchange site.
    Who doesn't love gif posts! I need to do more of those too. Sometimes they sum up ones thoughts better than words.
    As for creating a playlist; I have an author friend who keeps wanting to me to make one. It's so hard!
    I'd love to write a character interview. They've made me want to read a book more.
    I also need to promote my blog more. Overall, it's a fun journey.

  7. Random is always fun! :P And a lot of the goals you have are also ones that I want to accomplish! But I have stuff to do before I can start trying to cross them off my list. I hope you accomplish most, if not, all of them! :)

  8. Wow, that's a big list!

    My goals are simply to keep enjoying blogging and to work on connecting better with my readers.

  9. Hope you'll get to cross some items off this bucket list by the time August ends! Some of your goals are ones that I have on mine too hehe.

    Good luck with everything!

  10. Wow, this is a great blogging bucketlist and lots of goals for you to achieve! You can pat yourself on the back whenever you achieve one of those goals! Good luck Kaitlin!

  11. What a wonderful list! You are more than welcome to write a guest post for Cover2CoverBlog :)

  12. I am loving these goals! And yay now I know your favorite number!

    You need to design a hashtag for this list so that EVERY TIME one of these goals is accomplished, you can tweet us about it and we can stay in the know!!!

  13. Brittersweet and I are going to BEA next year, so if you want something signed, just holler. My first, and only, interview I have done (aside from the micro-interviews on some of my reviews) was a character interview. I loved doing that style so much I think I am going to make it my thing for every review (if I ever get asked again). Yes to the random posting! I call it serendipitous blogging and it is what keeps me sane. Thank-you for the idea of buying a book and randomly sending it to someone. You are a wonderful blogger. Keep up the good work. :)

  14. Loving the Supernatural gif at the end xD I hope you manage to accomplish things like this! I will even try and help part of the way by subscribing to email now! Which is a big thing for me because I'm wary of book blogs that post very often. You're special now ;)

    As a blogger I would like to eventually reach 100 email subscribers - that is my own goal. And 1000 bloglovin followers... I just broke halfway! (And my initial goal) I have scheduled some giveaways which is something I have wanted to do for a while too. Other than that, I don't really know xD


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