Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clear Your TBR Pile Challenge ~ Intro + Goals

Thank you to The Observant Girl and Fly to Fiction for hosting this challenge! It runs from July 28th to August 11th and the objective simply to read as many books from your TBR as possible.

I haven't tried a challenge/read-a-thon in the blogosphere in awhile, so I thought, "why not? I'm going to be reading anyway."

My Goal
I want to read 10 books for this challenge. I'm not exactly sure which books I want to read yet, but I want to read more from my review pile than my non-review one. 

Possible Books to Read
Most of my TBR for the challenge will be August ARCs and a handful of September ones. The rest of my possible choices are on this shelf.

 Most Likely to Read
I may read Cut Me Free before the challenge starts. It just depends on the rest of this month's TBR. I just won an ARC of Sisters' Fate the other day and I'll be reading it for the challenge unless the package gets lost in the mail or doesn't arrive for a long time (that's doubtful, but hey, things happen).

Less than two weeks now!!

 What do you think of my goal? Which August/September review copies from my list (or shelf) do you want to know my thoughts on the most?

Lastly, are you participating in this challenge? If not, you should! It's a rally easy one.☺


  1. Hmmm... I have a lot of challenges going on already, but this one sounds like it would be an easy one to work on. I'll have to think about it! Good luck with reaching your goal!

  2. Yes! I've been looking for a readathon and I'll def. sign up! I have so many books to read idk where to start haha. Happy reading!

  3. OOh! I'm going to share this on Twitter! Just finished purchasing a few ebooks minutes ago... this would be a fun way to make myself read them! :D

    P.S. I want to hear about Falling Into Place and Tabula Rasa!

  4. Definitely Falling Into Place and Get Even! And I want to read your thoughts on Tabula Rasa too, I will be posting my review for it soon and I am so eager to know what others think of it! Good luck, I hope you can read all 10 :) I kind of want to do this challenge, but my son is having surgery on Monday, so it really is bad timing. But I have to do one of these, my TBR is ridiculous!

  5. I so have to join, been waiting to actually do something else since I joined a readalong a while ago, mine will mostly be September ARC's probably, though I don't think I'll get 10 done, haha, so good luck with that! I'm reading Blackbird now, and read Amity and Feral the other week, which I was a little disappointed with, but Amity's a fast read, so that was good. Good luck! :)


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