Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New to My Goodreads Shelves ("Maybe" Edition)

This is the second edition of this series of posts! Check out the first one (the recommendations one) here.

Since I added 174 books to my Goodreads from July 13th through 19th, I felt like sharing some of them. This post will focus on those I added to my "maybe" shelf--the ones that sound interesting, but plan to look into further before transferring them to "to-read." I added 46 maybes on Saturday night, but I'm only sharing some of them.

(Format: [Book title linked to GR] - [Reasons why I added book]
Why maybe? [reasons why])

The Rules of Survival - Saw author name and added it without looking to see what it's about
Why maybe? I want to look further into it.

Losing Faith - Cover, had been on my to-read list once
Why maybe? It seems to have a heavy religious (Christianity*) influence to it.

Freaks Like Us - Title, mental illness
Why maybe? The combination of short length (it's 240 pages) and a 3.78 average rating makes me want to look further into it before adding it to my to-read list.

This Side of Salvation - Author, 2014 release
Why maybe? It seems to have an even heavier religious influence to it than Losing Faith does.

Red Tears - Cool cover, mental illness
Why maybe? It's only 240 pages long and the description doesn't say much about it.

*Christianity - Modern, contemporary books with Christian influences are ones I avoid the most. I just . . . don't connect to them. If it's a historical or paranormal (with angels/demons), I'm actually drawn to it.

The Winter Sea - Cover, Scottish setting, high average rating, has romance
Why maybe? I don't read much adult books, so I want to read reviews before I add it as to-read.

One Kick - Cover, 21 year old MC, it's a thriller!
Why maybe? I'm not sure. I just want to look further into it.

The Spirit Keeper - Cover, first line of description, has romance, has Native Americans in it
Why maybe? Again, I don't read many adult books. Also, while the idea of romance draws me into it, I also rarely ever read adult books with a lot of romance in it.

The Pearl That Broke Its Shell - Reminds me of Khaled Hosseini's books, cultural, title
Why maybe? While The Kite Runner was amazing, I don't pick up books like it very often. I have to be in a certain mood to read them.

The Bone Clocks - Title, looks really intriguing, very high average rating
Why maybe? I don't know . . .

Endangered - Looks interesting and really different
Why maybe? I'm not sure if it's really my type of read.

Switch - Author (who I swear I've heard of before), cover
Why maybe? I usually put a lot of research into NA titles before deciding to add them to Goodreads.

Like Gravity - Looks really intriguing
Why maybe? Again, I usually put a lot of research into NA titles before deciding to add them to Goodreads.

The Dust of 100 Dogs - Author, pirates, sounds awesome, used to be on my GR
Why maybe? I've heard more bad than good about this one.

A Trick of The Light - Cover and title
Why maybe? It's a combination of its length (189 pages) and the fact that I didn't even look at the description.

Have you read any of these? Which ones sound the most interesting? Do you have any book recommendations?


  1. I have The Winter Sea in my TBR list but it's been there for ever, hopefully I'll get to it eventually!
    I'm not a fan of heavy Christian or religious elements on books either, but I've read some reviews for This Side of Salvation that said it wasn't preachy or overwhelming as such.

  2. 15 books I have never heard of, and will have to check out on goodreads :) Thank you!


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