Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review ~ Boneseeker by Brynn Chapman

Series: standalone (?)
Genre: YA historical fiction (mystery)
Pages: 300
Publication date: June 17th, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books
Goodreads description:

Arabella Holmes was born different and raised different. After it became apparent she wouldn't fit the role of a proper 1900's lady, her father, Sherlock, called in some lingering favors, and landed her a position at the Mutter Museum. The museum was Arabella's dream; she was to become a purveyor of abnormal science. What her father called a BoneSeeker.

Henry Watson arrives at the Mutter Museum with a double assignment--to become a finder of abnormal antiquities and to watch over and keep Arabella Holmes. An easy task, if he could only get her to speak to him instead of throwing knives in his general direction.

But this is no time for child's play. The two teens are assigned to a most secret exploration, when the hand of a Nephilim is unearthed in upstate New York. Soon, Arabella and Henry are caught in a fight for their lives as scientific debate swirls around them. Are the bones from a Neanderthal ... or are they living proof of fallen angels, who supposedly mated with humans according to ancient scrolls?

Sent to recover the skeleton, they discover they are the second team to have been deployed and the entire first team is dead. And now they must trust their instincts and rely on one another in order to survive and uncover the truth. 
Source: *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Boneseeker was a nice, romantic read. It was a clever retelling of sorts, featuring the daughter of Sherlock Holmes and the son of John Watson as the protagonists. The book felt a little unbalanced at times though. The mystery and plot were overshadowed by the romance at many moments.


Aside from the show Sherlock and one movie, I'm not familiar with the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. From what I could tell, though, it seemed that the author did a good job with adding Sherlock and Watson traits to Arabella and Henry. This made for some pretty interesting characters!

Arabella was a feisty, clever, and strong heroine, yet she had quite a few insecurities. A lot of the book was focused on her and Henry's relationship and the two (mostly her) struggled with the love they felt for one another. I loved the romance!

I was a little surprised to see so much of it--lots of kissing--but that was a good thing. I do have one complaint about it, though . . .


Maybe I was just interested in the romance more, but it seemed that the main characters' relationship was the largest focus of the entire novel. It overshadowed the rest of the story. The mystery didn't seem like such a big deal--I never even came up with theories like I usually do. I was both unsure on what was going on and disinterested in the events pertaining to the expedition/mystery of the novel.


Romance stole the show for me! Boneseeker was one of the books in which my enjoyment stemmed almost solely from the protagonists' relationship and their scenes together. Anything aside from that didn't interest me as much, which is a shame because I would've loved to see a stronger mystery (seeing as there's a Sherlock and Watson). Nevertheless, I had a great time reading it and think many others would as well.

My questions for you:

Have you ever read a book where the romance was mostly the only reason why you liked it?
Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes?


  1. Been hearing good things about this one. I'm really intrigued by the plot and the main character being Shelock's daughter. Sounds like an adventurous read. Great review.

  2. I'm quite bummer to hear that the mystery was the weaker part of this book... I'm not very keen on reading romance-strong books as of late and this one was quite intriguing for me and was expecting a strong mystery!
    I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, read all the books more than once and I absolutely ADORE Sherlock, the BBC show! It kinda sounds odd for me that Sherlock would end up having a daughter, btw!
    Great review!

    1. It is odd that Sherlock has a daughter. The book does go into that, though . . .


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