Monday, July 21, 2014

Seven Ways to Cure That Dreadful Reading Slump

I've consumed a lot of books in a short period of time. Reading book after book where I'm finishing one almost every day is the quickest way to a book slump for me. I did that in the first half of this month, and I'm starting to pay for it now. While I'm battling the beginnings of the slump so I don't fall deeper into it, I thought I might as well write a post about it!

The Usual Cures

1. Don't. Read.
Binge-watch tv shows or movies. Do whatever other hobby you like to do. Whatever it is, just take a small break in reading. Maybe that's all you really need.
Possible side-effects: You may have a hard time returning to your reading mood. Your small break may turn into a much longer one.

2. Reread your favorite book.
Sometimes it's just nice to return to your favorite book world or hang out with the those characters you love so much. This may make you more eager to dive into books on your TBR.
Possible side-effects: If your reading slump is severe, you may not love your favorite book as much as you did the last time you read it. It's not that the book isn't as good--you just aren't in the mood for it.

3. Change it up a bit.
Sometimes you read so much of one genre or type of book and just want something different. Something refreshing. So, branch out into a genre you don't usually read! If you read mostly YA, read an MG, NA, or Adult book. If you usually read something set in a fantasy world or a dystopia society, read something set in the modern world we live in.

Possible side-effects: Trying something new is risky. You may not like it and state of your reading slump may continue as it is or, in some cases, worsen.

4. Return to your favorite genre.
This is similar to rereading your favorite book. Instead of rereading, though, try a different book in the genre that you usually like books in.

5. Read something light and/or short.
Reading something light or short (like a contemporary romance or a novella) can ease you back into the reading mood.

Possible side-effects: The book may be disappointing if you aren't a big fan of lighter or shorter books.

Cures I Don't See Mentioned Often

6. Read your favorite parts in one of your favorite books.
This is my personal favorite! It's like rereading the book, but skipping a bunch of pages. I pick contemporary romances (or other books with my favorite romances) and read over most of the scenes with the couple in it. It's really fun to reread banter between my favorite characters and watch them fall in love all over again.
Possible side-effects: It's possible that it won't cure your reading slump. You may be in the same spot as you were before. From my experience, though, this method usually helps put me in the reading mood at least a little.

7. Reorganize your bookshelf!
Writing this post has made me realize that I do this almost every time I'm in a reading slump. Sometimes it's only a portion of my shelf and other times it's everything. There's just something about sorting through books that I love. It's terribly time consuming, but as I'm moving my books around and piling them up, I think of what I liked about them and then feel like reading again.
Possible side-effects: You may drop a book on your foot or one may fall on your head. Large piles of books could topple over and get scraped up. Proceed with caution when moving your books so neither you or them get hurt.

The Cures I'm Trying for My Slump
This weekend, I tried "Don't. Read" and "Reorganize your bookshelf." On Saturday, I hung out on Goodreads and added a bunch of books to my shelves. On Sunday night, I reorganized all of my books aside from my TBR while watching Netflix (I went through four movies I've read before: Duplex, Mean Girls, White Chicks, and Revenge of the Bridesmaids) and instagramming. I feel like reading some of my favorite parts in a contemporary romance or two, but I may not need to since the beginnings of a slump I had felt have lessened and I actually feel like reading now.

How do you cure a reading slump?


  1. I usually go for a binge watch of a show or two, allow myself to feel like it's okay to not read for a while and then read whatever I feel like reading, a new book, an ARC that is not the one I should be reading from the review pile...

  2. Those are great suggestions. I often find that I have to go to one of my favorite authors or genres to break a slump. Or, as you suggest, just take a break from reading until I start to miss it!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  3. Very nice post! Personally, I usually just try to take a break until I get the need for a good story. However, I've resorted to rereading my favorite stories and that of course includes returning to my favorite genre! I like the reorganizing your bookshelf idea, I might have to try it next time I'm in a slump.

  4. I love this! I used to reread The Hunger Games, but then all I wanted to do was continue to reread The Hunger Games. Eventually, I made a deal with myself that I could read THG after I read some of a book I hadn't read a million times. Then, I'd get so caught up in the new book, THG repeats would start to phase out. I also love your reorganizing idea! I love reorganizing stuff like that, and books would be such a good way to get back into it! Genius!

  5. Oooo, I think another great idea is either to stop by the library or bookstore. Maybe being in the presence of TONS OF BOOKS will get you out of it. At least that's what I do from time to time :)

  6. I read something light last night to help out my reading slump. It wasn't really light or fluffy, considering it was something from the Percy Jackson series, but it was more like a guide to the PJ universe so I didn't have to immerse myself in a long story. :)

  7. I use the "read your favorites parts" too. Though there was a time (last year) that -that was the only thing I was doing becouse I couldn't stop reading the cutesy moments. That didn't help me get out of the reading slump but I would be lying If I said it didn't make me happy :3. Great post! When I'll be in a reading slump again (let's hope that it won't be soon) I'll try one of your other "cures".


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