Sunday, July 20, 2014

New to My Goodreads Shelves (Recommendations Edition)

I felt a little bored last night. So what did I do? I decided to go through all of my Goodreads recommendations (advice: don't do this if you have a lot of shelves--it takes such a long time) and ask for recommendations on Twitter and went through Dahlia Adler's five star ratings. I ended up adding a lot of books to my to-read/maybe shelves. I'd also added a whole bunch of others throughout the last week.

Here's the numbers:
Books added to my to-read shelf on July 19th: 37
Books added to my maybe shelf on July 19th: 46
Books added to my to-read list from July 13th through 18th: 91

Total added to my shelves: 174

Um, yeah. I went a little book crazy in the last week. . . . (At least I didn't spend any money, right?)

Since I've added so many books, I thought I should at least do something with them and tell you about the ones I'm the most interested in (or have the coolest covers or whatever else). This will take me a couple posts, so I'm going with those I added to my to-read last night.

(Format: [Book title linked to GR] - [Reasons why I added book])

Adult Titles
I really want to branch out and try some adult books!

The Gargoyle - Cover, sounds super interesting
Moloka'i - Rated 5 stars by Dahlia Adler, set in Hawaii, seen it before
The Dovekeepers - Rated 5 stars by Dahlia Adler, seen it before, Jewish*, historical fiction
The Golem and the Jinni - Recommended by Adira, really want to read a jinni book
Prince of Fools - Really want to try a good adult fantasy book, Harlee recommended a book by the same author

*Jewish - I feel like this is an odd reason considering I'm not religious at all, but I really like books with Jewish main characters or a focus on Judaism. I'm just fascinated by the religion and its history.

These used to be on my to-read list, but I took them off for whatever reason when I tried to cleanup my GR shelves.
Anew - Recommended by Holly
A Company of Swans - Dancing book, Eva Ibbotson!
Hunting Lila - Been eyeing for a long time
Trafficked - Been eyeing for a long time (I don't know why I had removed it)

Oh, I Hadn't Already Added This?
A lot of times, I come across books that I just didn't realize were on my to-read list.
We Were Liars - A lot of my Goodreads friends love it, I feel like I'm missing out on something
American Girl on Saturn - I follow Nikki Godwin on Twitter but haven't read anything by her yet
Olivia Twisted - It's on my bookshelf!

I noticed that I was making a pyramid in this post, so I need two random books. These two happen to have red on the covers!
Sempre - High average rating, I'm just curious . . .
Lockdown - Recommended by Harlee, YA horror

It Looks So Good . . .
Octavian's Undoing - Looks so intriguing, seems to be a YA/NA crossover

That's all I have for this list! I'll have at least two more editions of this post this week (my "maybe" shelf and 2015 titles).

Have you read any of these? Which ones sound the most interesting? Do you have any book recommendations? (I'm very open to recs right now, as you can tell.)


  1. I own A Company of Swans and loved it a long time ago in high school, I'd love to reread it though. And yes to We Were Liars, but don't let the hype intimidate you. I've heard from people who expected crazy things were disappointed. It's beautiful and touching, just don't go into it with too much, and you'll love it.

    Cassie @ Happy Book Lovers

  2. These all look like wonderful books, and so many that I did not know about. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hunting Lila is pretty good! It's a really fast, plot driven story with a cute "I'm in love with my older brother's best friend" story line. Not a favorite, but still very enjoyable. :)


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