Monday, August 11, 2014

Beat the Heat Readathon ~ Goals & Progress

Thank you to Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat and Reanna @ Phantasmic Reads for hosting this readathon.☺

(If you're curious about what this readathon is, check out one of the links above for more information.)

My Goals
I'm aiming for 15 books. Since I'm also participating in ARC August, most of them will be ARCs or books in series I have ARCs of their sequels. I may also read novellas, non-review books, or books I've read before (I'm still doing my Harry Potter series reread after all). Mostly, though, I'll be reading books off this shelf.

Besides my reading goal, I want to review all the books I read. All the reviews won't be posted during the readathon, but I want to get them scheduled and submitted.

I also want to keep up with my updates. I've never been successful with this. . . . Yet.


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