Friday, August 1, 2014

Goodbye July, Hello August!

This is my first monthly recap since February! I'm not very good at the recap thing, it seems. . . .

Books Read
Finished in August: 25
Started in June: 2
Reread: 5*
Novellas: 9 (4 were individual, 5 were in The Assassin's Blade)
Pages: 8,241

*I reread the three Harry Potter books and the two Lux books. I'm still rereading each series right now.

Most read genre: Fantasy
Least read genre: Dystopia
Favorite: Crown of Midnight (hands down!)
Least favorite: Where Silence Gathers

Favorite Posts
Review: My favorite review that I wrote this month is actually the one for Crown of Midnight. It was my first review with gifs in it!

Post: I really liked writing about my reviewing process! I think it's the best post I had all month. It also got the most pageviews.☺

Random post: I seemed to post a lot of random things throughout the month. My favorite was the one I posted Wednesday evening. I just felt like writing down a list of things I want to accomplish as a blogger and ended up posting it.

Things to Work on in August
Be a better commenter: I was a really bad at commenting back in July. I still have comments from two weeks ago to read and reply to. . . .

Review the books already! I've been in a bit of a review slump. There's a few reviews I need to catch up on and then I can focus on the ones I'll be writing for my fall ARCs.

Buy less books: Yeah . . . I really need to work on this.

Get to working on the print ARCs requests! It's been my goal all year to start reviewing print ARCs, but I've only sent a couple emails and gotten nowhere. (I did get a Netgalley e-arc for one of the books I requested, though!)

Exactly One Year Ago . . .

I took a look at my recap for last July, which was the month I started to actually talk to people on Twitter. I had around 200 followers this time last year and now I have a lot more--more than I thought I would ever have.

I think that's all I want to say in this month's recap! How was your month? Feel free to leave a link to your own recap/rewind/etc. so I can check it out.

Have a happy August everyone! ☺

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