Saturday, August 2, 2014

Keepin' it Real Commenting Giveaway!!

Here's the thing. There's a lot of people involved in this event. There are 16 authors and 15 other bloggers (I'm the 16th) featuring them on their blogs. All of them have dedicated time to this event: coming up with interview questions or top tens list topics, answering those questions, making those top tens lists, posting the features, tweeting the links to them. All of them have had to wait on receiving their post dates or materials from me or Eli. This event would be an event at all if without all of them and I want their work to pay off.

How This Giveaway Will Run

This giveaway is to reward those of you who check out the Keepin' it Real author features and leave meaningful comments on the posts. Anyone who enters the giveaway (and doesn't cheat) can win any of the Participant Prizes.

The Rockstar Prize is only for those who truly pay attention to this event--for those true rockstar commenters out there. Anyone who leaves a meaningful comment on at least 10 of the Keepin' it Real author features is eligible. Anyone who leaves a meaningful comment on every post will get 5 extra entries to win the Rockstar Prize.

Am I making you jump through hoops to win this giveaway? Yeah, I am, but if anyone does jump through them, they sure do deserve winning the prize

Wait, what are the prizes??

Participant Prizes (each has a different winner):
~ $10 Amazon OR Barnes & Noble gift card [1 winner - INT]

~ ebook of Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? by Ella Martin from Smashwords [1 winner - INT]

~ Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? swag (signed postcard + bracelet) [5 winners - INT]

~ Swag pack from @AwkwordlyEmma (not exclusive to contemporary--she has an extra A.G. Howard bookmark) [1 winner - US only]

~ Swag pack from Nikki Godwin (includes swag for her books and her friend's) [2 winners INT]

~ ebooks of Chasing Forever Down and Falling From the Sky by Nikki Godwin [1 winner - INT]

~ Signed paperbacks of Chasing Forever Down and Falling From the Sky by Nikki Godwin [1 winner - US only]

~ Hardcover of Open Road Summer and paperback of Anna and the French Kiss from Kierra. [1 winner - US only]

~ The Secret Diamond Sisters Swag Pack donated by Michelle Madow [1 winner - US only]

Thank you to Emma, Nikki, Ella, Kierra, and Michelle for donating prizes!

Rockstar Prize:
~ One (1) pre-order of ANY book of your choice (up to $17) from The Book Depository (open INT as long as TBD ships to you)

If this giveaway goes really well, I'll throw in a SECOND pre-order for a different winner.

Read my giveaway policy here. This giveaway will run ffrom today until August 23rd 25th.

You can find the list of author features here.

EDIT: Because this is a commenting giveaway, the only way to win is to comment. There is no entry asking if you are US or INT anymore, so if you enter, please tell me whether you're US or INT in one of the entries or in a comment below. Thank you.☺

Extension! I'm extending this giveaway for two more days because there are so many prizes but not a lot of people entered to win them. I want to promote this giveaway some more and get a little more exposure to the author posts. Plus, those of you entering will have more time to comment.☺

Good luck and have fun!

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Winners are currently being chosen! I'll strike out each prize as it's picked.

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