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Review ~ Accession by Terah Edun

Series: Sarah Web #1
Genre: YA paranormal/fantasy
Pages: 203
Publication date: August 5th, 2014
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Goodreads Description: 
Sixteen-year-old Katherine Thompson wasn’t trained to rule a coven. That was her sister – perfect, beautiful Rose. But when a mysterious plane crash kills off the heir presumptive of the Sandersville coven she has no choice.

After stepping in to fill her sister’s shoes, Katherine realizes she didn’t have a clue – faery wars, depressed trolls and angry unicorns are just the beginning.

For centuries, her family has served the high Queens on both sides of the Atlantic but it is a well-known rule that mid-level witches stay away from high-level Queens.

But when Katherine’s youngest cousin vanishes without a trace in the Atlanta court and no one wants to investigate, Katherine decides to step into the darkness on her own. She will soon discover that nothing, especially in a queen's court, is as it seems. 
Source: I received an e-arc of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Well, that was fun! Accession was my first Terah Edun book and it won't be my last. While I wasn't wowed, I was satisfied with how the first book in this series turned out.

One of my favorite parts was the book's setting. I loved how was set in the modern world with supernatural and human societies mixed in with each other. Humans were fully aware of witches. They went to school with them and they helped them. I could sense a little bit of conflict between them, but as very few non-supernatural characters, it didn't impact the story much.

I also loved the range of supernatural creatures--depressed trolls, phone-addicted faeries, were-peacocks, drunk licorns, powerful witch queens, a giant toad/kobold thing. It was a fun batch of creatures and they kept surprising me!

I liked the story. I went pretty quick and mostly everything was interesting (there were a couple dull moments). As this book was about Katherine's "Accession" to heir to the throne and her shift in responsibility, there wasn't as much investigation into her sister's death as I would've liked. I'm pretty sure that will be a larger focus in the sequel, though. I'm hoping for good twists and revelations surrounding her death as the story continues.

The writing was okay. I got lost in a few conversations (which were mainly arguments) in a who-was-saying-what-again? sense. I also got bored during a couple scenes that were meant to be really exciting. Bits of background information interrupted the scene and the dialogue. While I appreciated the (they did explain certain things), I didn't like how long it seemed to take before the scene continued where it left off.

Hmm . . . what else? The magic--I really liked it. I was thirsty for more of it, though. Hopefully, Katherine will use more if it in the sequel. Katherine herself was kind of frustrating. She argued a lot and sometimes her arguments just didn't seem to have a point. She just didn't seem to listen to those who knew better than her! I usually don't get very irritated with characters' actions, but I did with some of hers. Lastly, Ethan. I really liked him for some reason! I looked forward to scenes with him in it.

Overall, Accession was a fun, decent read! I'm very interested in what happens next in the story and seeing if I get the things I wanted more of from this book. If you like a fun and witchy tale including many different supernatural creatures, I recommend you give this book a shot!

My question for you:

Do you like witch books? Why or why not?

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