Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books Nikki Has Told Me to Read

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Top Ten Books I've Been Told I Must Read (By Nikki)

I mentioned Nikki at There Were Books Involved on my last TTT and said that her excitement for books is contagious and that I automatically become interested in reading a book she loved. So, most of this list is made up of books she has told me I must read. 

1. The Lies of Locke Lamora
I bought this one as I was typing up my comment on Nikki's review. It looks incredible, but . . . I still haven't read it. *hides* I was going to read it soon, but after taking a look at my review copies and the time I have to read them in order to stay ahead of reviews, I'll have a tough time fitting in any personal TBR books.

2. Mistborn (and other Brandon Sanderson books)
Apparently, there's a lot of fans of Brandon Sanderson books. Nikki created a #SandersonArmy list and hashtag and I remind myself several times a month that I still haven't read one of his books. Mistborn is the one she has recommended the most to me.

3. Vicious
Several people have told me that I must read this. Nikki was the one that convinced me to buy it.

4. Magnolia
Again, she convinced me to buy it. I don't think I even read her review--just her tweets. I did read a couple of other bloggers' reviews, though! It sounds like one I'd really enjoy reading.

5. The Heroes of Olympus series
Yeah...I know. Why haven't I started this series yet?

6. The Archived
Nikki's a big fan of Victoria Schwab's books and this is the other one I've been told I must read. Apparently she's a really good author.

7. The rest of the Elemental series
I absolutely loved Storm! I haven't read the rest of the series, but I've been told to continue it soon.

8. Dissonance
Nikki convinced me that I should read this with only a couple tweets. I haven't read a single review for it, but I've been keeping this one in mind for awhile.

9. A Little Something Different
I mentioned this in last week's TTT. I was actually intending to stay away from this one, but again, a couple tweets (and some Goodreads updates) made me interested in reading it.

Because I can't think of a 10th book, here's a series I've been told I must buy.

10. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Boxed Set (with the new covers)
I have read this series. I just don't own any of the books. I've been eyeing the boxed set ever since Nikki mentioned that I need to buy it. Don't be surprised if this pops up on one of my book hauls in the next couple months...

Which of these books/series do you think I MUST read?

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