Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday ~ I'm Not Sure About Reading These . . .

Top Ten Tuesdays is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and a weekly meme where we simply make a top ten list for the week's topic.

Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read

Allegiant ~ I love the series, but I'm afraid of the possible disappointment with this one.

Waterfell ~ I haven't heard that many great things about this one, but I have a few blogger friends that loved it! Also, I do want to try one of this author's books.

A Little Something Different ~ 14 viewpoints?? This one just looks like one I wouldn't be able to connect to. Nikki at There Were Books Involved loved this, though, and her excitement for books is so contagious! Whenever she loves a book, I automatically become interested in reading it.

Say What You Will ~ Confession time! I still haven't read my e-arc for this. My only interest in reading it is to finally get it out of the way and that's not great motivation when I have so many other books I want to read instead. 

Accidentally Married on Purpose ~ One of the things that makes me automatically interested in reading something is accidental marriages (fake relationships and friends with benefits are two others). But . . . I don't know if I like adult contemporary romance! I'm worried that I won't connect to the characters. Also, the length. I'm usually reluctant to read shorter books because so many of them have fallen, well, short for me.

Boomerang ~ I've been wary of NA all year long. I'm not unsure of this one as I am with most, though. I just don't know if I'll connect to it.

Losing It, Foreplay, and Deeper ~ I have to be completely and totally honest here: sex is the reason why I'm wary of NA lately. I don't want to read a book where superfluous sex that overshadows (or even becomes) the point of the novel--or even where just one or two scenes do that--and it just seems like that may happen in a lot of NA books lately. I've heard incredible things about each of these three books, though. I'm pretty sure I would absolutely love each one of them, but I still want to put even more research into them before buying them.

Walking Disaster ~ I loved Beautiful Disaster, so why the heck am I unsure about this? I don't think I've read a full length book where it tells the same story as another, but in a different POV. I'm not sure if I'd like it or not. . . .

Have you read any of these? Please let me know if any of these are must reads (especially the NAs)!

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