Monday, September 1, 2014

August Recap (ARC August and Beat the Heat Readathon)

I had a lot of fun reading for ARC August! I got 17 ARCs read.☺ Thank you again to Octavia for hosting!

I read eleven ARCs and one finished copy during this readathon! Thank you again to Novel Heartbeat and Phantasmic Reads for hosting. :) I didn't participate in any of the challenges/giveaways, but I did get books read!

All of the ARCs I Read
These are sorted pretty much from favorite to least favorite (from left to right).

5 Stars
Review Link

4.5 Stars

4 Stars
Review Links

3.5 Stars
Review Links

3 Stars

2 Stars
Review Link for Tortured Souls

1.5 Stars

The Finished Copies I Read
(I gave Isla 4.5 stars and Deception 4 stars. Isla counted towards the BtH Readathon, but Deception didn't count towards it or ARC August. It's the odd one out. :D )

Reviews for Illusions of Fate, Anatomy of a Misfit, Salt & Storm, Blackbird, Feral, and Poisoned Apples will be posted in September. My review for Cut Me Free won't be up until December or January. I may post rough reviews (where I post the notes I took for a book instead of writing a review) for Deception and Sisters' Fate.

That's all the books I read this month! What did you read?

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