Thursday, September 25, 2014

#ReadingCram Chills and Thrills Readathon!

I've decided to sign up for this fun spooky themed readathon hosted by Dana @ Danasquare, Jenny @ JuliaBabyJen'sReadingRoomRachel @ APerfectionCalledBooks and Little Red Reads! I'm not that into Halloween stuff, but I really liked participating in #ReadingCram last year. 

For this readathon, the focus is on spooky reads! The books have to fall under one of these themes:


I won't know for sure what I'll be reading for the readathon, but I have some possible choices:
Beware the Wild is the only one I know for sure that I'll be reading. I'd prefer to read review copies because I know that if I cheat on my TBR a lot, I'll be stressed out later in the year as I try to catch up.

I was a winner in a giveaway Courtney Alameda recently had and I won a copy of both of these, but since they haven't arrived yet, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to read either for the challenge. They look like the perfect Halloween reads, though, don't they?

I have a poll for an October read and this seems to be the only one on it that can be considered spooky enough for this readathon. If it wins, I'll read it during #ReadingCram, but if it doesn't, I'll probably pass it up until another time.

Follow the arrow to get to find the poll -------> ^^^^

Are you joining this readathon? You should!

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