Sunday, October 5, 2014

Books Worth Staring At (3) ~ I Love Hardcovers!

This is a feature where I share pictures of books I feel are worth staring at! Up to four books will be featured every Monday. The pictures will also be shared on Twitter with the hashtag #BooksWorthStaringAt. Books will be chosen for a variety of reasons: a pretty cover, a gorgeous spine, eye-catching features, interesting colors, cool maps, etc.

I have three gorgeous hardcovers to share with you today! The first two are contemporaries and the last is a recent addition to my bookshelf.

Super Pretty Looking - Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

So many people love Fangirl's cover and to be honest, I didn't really see why until I got this hardcover. The drawings are really cute and I love the pastel colors. I really like how the guy is leaning on the "F" and Cath is sitting on the "a." The spine stands out on the bookshelf too. The last time I reorganized my TBR shelf, I arranged books by the color of their spines and I had no others in a similar color as this one! 

Soft, Summery Colors - Open Road Summer by Emery Lord
This is such a great YA contemporary romance design. It's so soft and pretty and romantic. I love the colors!

A Book I Refused to Get in Any Other Format - The Dream Thieves

I first spotted the hardcover last winter when I aided for my school library and have been wanting it on my bookshelf ever since. It is beautiful. I love everything about this copy. The The white, black, and blue color scheme with the shock of reddish-pink (that looks like it's been painted). The ravens, the Raven Cycle symbol, the spine, the back, the texture, and even the way it shines all make this book look so worth staring at. Despite how I have The Raven Boys on my Kindle, I didn't want to get the same format for this book. I would regret buying the ebook.

What do you think of the looks of these books?

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